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nice airport, nice place

Landing was 31 EUR for a C152 (2 people). Friendly staff.

Boat ride from the airport to Venice would cost 100 EUR ! Better head to Lido center on foot and use the Vaporetto station (waterbus).

Had some difficulties with the flight plan because the PC in the briefing room didn't send the flight plan.

Will come again !

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fantastic airport !

Landing was 8 EUR for Diamond DV20.

Park next to super restaurant - speciality - Snitzel !! Don't miss it !

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very nice airport !

Landing was 12 EUR for Diamond DV20. Nice briefing room !

Restaurant looks nice but it's closed on Wednesday. Of course I came in on Wednesday :)

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must visit !

Visited on 26.9.2012,

very nice airport, kind staff, they've offered me parking in the hangar because of the very gusting winds. Restaurant !!

Landing was 10 EUR.