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Sault Ste Marie Airport

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The rental-car companies at YAM now are Avis and National: http://www.saultairport.com/groundtransportation.php

There is a very small number of tie-downs (some of which have been commandeered by a flying school) located behind the old fire hall. The only other option is to chock the plane on the apron in front of Mara-Tech. The parking charge is the same either way, and is billed by the airport by mail after your visit. There is an exit-only gate near the tie-downs so that you don't have to go through the terminal, and Mara-Tech will drive its fuel truck over to fuel your plane here.

Nav Canada uses the old terminal now. The control tower is still located in it, and in addition to offices, there's a Nav Canada pilot kiosk on the ground floor.

Fun for home *builders*, that is.

I can second Flying Celt's recommendation of the Bushplane Museum. It's downtown, near the Station Mall and the bridge to the U.S., and has a small but very nicely chosen collection of planes. They're not too crowded, and there's a lot to do, including climbing into some of them. They have a Taylor Cub that was found on Baffin Island many years after it disappeared. There's a special focus on forest fire fighting, and a good selection of kids' activities. Restoration is going on right on the museum floor, and a sign welcomes you to visit the work area, so it would probably be especially fun for home buildings.

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