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Connecting from USA, in transit to Brazil

Not enough staff directing people and offering help. Came in from Pittsburgh, in transit to SΓ£o Paulo. I've never been thru YYZ. They told me to go downstairs to baggage claim. But that wasn't necessary- evidently I missed a turn, went out to the terminal, thru security again. I found the airport not easy to navigate. Of course I should have prepared better as well.

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Does anyone know who I would call to find out the current fees for landing and staying for less then an hour to pick someone up?


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Bolt here come grass under cΓ rr tyre surrounding electrified lights. Cooler here Elizabeth Here

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Yes. D. Gould was Don Gould and I recall his Cherokee. Lost track of him in the early 1980s. He learned to fly same time as me. Good to know his airplane is still doin' its thing all these years later. Hope Don is too!

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Maple Airport designator

Yes, the designator was N3G; rather obscure but as I recall it was in the Canada Air Pilot. Used to instruct there in the late 1970s. Wonderful memories of a great airport and a great bunch of guys!

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What a rip off

I just paid $9.25 for a regular coffee and a small bottle of water in the U.S. departure lounge. This is outrageous.

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What a shame!

Restaurant is great, and with renovations complete and the new school onsite, airport is now bee-hive of activity - but what was once a beautiful and accessible airport in cottage country has become a money grab for management (Loomex)

Price for fuel is also very high. There are no more GA friendly airport gestures ...including (but certainly not limited to) no more overnight tie down waived with fuel, no more waiving or reducing tie-down for aircraft unexpectedly grounded with mechanical issues or weathered in. Hangars are also nice but extremely expensive.

Everyone originally thought that the increase in volume would help keep costs down, but with Loomex (operating at their healthy margin) now involved with a back-office load of people, almost everything has a new (2x) cost. Anything remaining that does not - soon will. Same story at Lindsay but without renovations or a flying school.

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What did I see?

One evening last year I witnessed a small plane lift off from this place. It was evening and dark and what caught my eye was the sphere being towed by this small airplane. It was internally lit an abou 5 feet across, perhaps 100' feet behind the plane. I watched it fly westward toward schomberg for about 10 minutes. Any ideas?

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Great customer service from Windsor Airport's Ken Sawchuck

Letter to the Editor, Windsor Star, April 15th, 2017

Dear Sir / Madam,

In light of the recent United Air fiasco, I would like to share a similar circumstance that happened to me April 3rd at the Windsor Airport. I had purchased a priority assigned seat for the Sunwing flight from Windsor to Cancun scheduled to leave Monday April 3rd. Unfortunately, due to a number of different complications, the flight was overbooked by 1, and I, being the only single traveler was β€œbumped”. This could have been a disaster however, thanks to Ken Sawchuck at Windsor Airport, who handled the situation honestly and with great consideration for the significant impact it had on my vacation, alternate travel plans were agreed to. Sunwing has also promised to look into the matter and implement actions to correct the problem and prevent the same thing from happening to some-one else. Many thanks to Sunwing, an airline that does care about their customers and understands good customer service, to Ken Sawchuck who sensitively managed a difficult situation, my travel agent Jacqueline Poupard from Valente Travel who was a great resource and to Sunwing’s Yoanky Sosa who managed the details at Cayo Coco airport when I arrived at my alternate destination.

With Regards,

Jayne McMahon,

Windsor, Ontario.

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Airport Permanently Closed



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Airport Sold - To Whom?

I recently enquired with the Town about landing and have been advised that the airport has been sold. I am unsure to whom. Current cycle of CFS still reports the Town as the operator.

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Keeping my plane at Toronto Island Airport

I'm looking for a place to keep my Cessna 172. Where's the best place on the Island for inside (or outside) parking? Costs?


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Dining at Golf Course

I've flown down from CYRO a few times and gone for brunch at the golf course. There is a footpath off the end of RWY25 (be sure to keep an eye on the sky until you are well away from the threshold!) that leads straight to the clubhouse where they are very friendly and welcoming, and have a good menu.

As for the beach and picnic ground across the street - it is just a short walk, but as of August 2017 it was closed for tree chopping (emerald borers have killed a lot of the trees). It's run by the Parks of the St Lawrence, so call them first before promising the kids a fly & swim!

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Bad airport for connections

If you're arriving at Terminal 1 and your connecting flight leaves from Terminal 3, you'll have to retrieve your checked baggage, exit the secure area, and line up again in the public security line in Terminal 3. Be warned.

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Old Bold pilots, Sid and a wonderous field of dreams, Can av

Haven't been there since Sid was the major domo. Times change.

Glad to hear it is still being used, by pilots. I recommend you disregard

the negative waves of the poster above. Yeah Sid might have been Sid,

which meant no time for fool's. But at 17, he was 'the man', to me.

A 'hail fellow well met'. Taught me what a short field 270 degree approach

should look like. And other things from the characters that haunted Sids

majical aerodrome.

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Dwight Airport, CNF8

This is a private turf strip that is used by owner, residents and cottagers in the Lake of Bays area of Muskoka. It welcomes pilots to drop in, Please call 705 635 2297 and ask for prior permission and we hope to see you here.

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Selling, may close

The owners want to retire after years of great service to the general aviation community, so they're listing the land for $2.5 million. It could remain open as an airport, but with subdivisions popping up all around, I don't know if the odds are good.

Story (The Citizen doesn't manage links well, so this will probably break soon): http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/the-carleton-place-airport-you-are-clear-to-land-it-for-2-5-million

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Airport Manager

The Airport Manager (and Dropzone Operator) is Tom McCarthy, one of the finest and friendliest people you could meet in aviation. Buy him a coffee and he could tell you volumes about the history of the place.

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Beacon at 516 KHz

Very good copy on beacon YWA on 516 KHz in Canton Ohio

Paul NC8W

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opening date fopr heliport

when was the civic heliport opened?

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boo hoo hoo crew

you folk are a bunch of rich wankers.pretend you are not the elite special like the rest of us.i can bet you and your wife i either doctors or school teachers. pound salt please

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The strip

The guys complaining about the field must be using shopping cart wheels on their planes because its really nice and yes it has a bit of a hump but so does a camel?

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Cant beet Bradford

Nice bunch of guys who fly and dont just talk about flying

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Hi Sir,

I would like to know if airport still sale. I can purchase it. Please let me know ASAP

Thank you,

Gaetan Bourgault

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122.8 is local floatplane frequency and Kenora airport is 12

122.8 is local floatplane CJM9 frequency and local Kenora airport CYQK is 122.2

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Seaplane base is across from hospital, not where the anchor

Kenora seaplane base is across from hospital on T-docks and not where the map indicates it is. There is 100LL and jet fuel available on River air side and 100 LL on Kenora Air side of dock. Takeoffs are outside the bay running almost East/West and no high speed taxiing in past buoy. Boats won't slow down for you or get out of the way.

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A 70's airport

Very nice if you want to dive into the past. Apparently no developments since 40 year either in services and structure. It took 1 hour to receive luggage after landing from Vancouver. Everything is old fashioned and not at all in line with airports of lesser developed countries.

Really a bad experience

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does not look long enough from the air but there are a few planes on the ground including a big twin. flight sup says power lines are unmarked but there was a single marker visible. very nice area and close to lake simcoe and scugog, alot of traffic in the area.

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No reply when calling for PPR.

Can anyone tell me who the contact is for Picton airport? I've called the number in the CFS but it only goes to a private residence answering machine. No one ever returns my call. I have friends who live in Picton and would like to fly in and visit them, so any info would be most welcome. My email: hgmurphy@outlook.com


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Is this still in use?

I was just wondering if this small airport was still open? And who do you have to get in touch with to see if a small plane could land there

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Fixed record

Merged duplicate identifiers

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Worth the trip for the Fish & Chips

Make sure you check their website about fuel availability as it isn't constant.

There is a $5 landing fee, if the attendant is there you pay him, otherwise it's on the honour system. They're trying to raise funds to redo the runway and they are currently at 150K / 990K, so don't be a jerk, and make sure you pay even if there is no one collecting.

Call Herberts and they'll pick you up and drop you off, though the walk isn't too bad ~1.5Km.

It's a very popular fly in spot so you can expect a fair bit of traffic. Communicate on the radio and keep an eye out!

You can also get fuel at Manitoulin East or Parry Sound, which are a bit cheaper.

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Good spot!

Great fuel stop. 100LL was $1.99/L tax included.

Staff was friendly and helpful!

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Do you do sight seeing from sandy island my wife and I would like to do a float plane ride while we are at tall pines camp in July we will be there July 16th to the 22nd let me know if you do that and what the price would be thank you in advance you can email me at rmain3101@gmail .com

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Great little airport. Fantastic buttertarts!

Known for their legendary buttertarts, be sure to add this to your list for the 100$ hamburger.

Occasional wildlife, so keep an eye out, and it's a popular training spot.

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Beautiful Scenery and Nice Airport

Visited mid May, a bit of traffic. Unicom won't answer but other local pilot will help if on frequency. Airport staff is very friendly and free wifi inside for pilots use! Very good place.

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Nice Airport

Very nice airport, went mid May. Not a lot of traffic and friendly Unicom-

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DELETE THIS. Duplicate to CYHS (CPN4) Hanover/Saugeen Munici

This is a dupe and should be deleted.

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Horrible lines

They know how many flights are coming in, why can't they staff customs properly? Had to line up upstairs before making it downstairs for a hall of more line ups. Over an hour in line. Ridiculous. I'll fly though Buffalo though I like in Toronto.

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Strong but sudden deep fading

Loud and clear but with sudden deep fading on 25 May 2016. Using AM MW portion ( tunes below 535khz) of a Kenwood 9r-590 and 80m dipole.

YWA is not too far for nighttime ground wave from my location at FN04fc (Newmarket, ontario)

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This is a unique little strip - short with a healthy incline starting at 1/2 field. Not for beginners or the faint of heart!

It is in the local practice area and the regional flight schools bring their commercial students here for STOL practice before sending them out west or overseas .

Looks very cool, and a little scary.

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Adequate at best

This has not been much of an airport since the early 90s. No takeoffs after 1030 pm. (in anything!) Fuel extremely expensive. Poor TBOs.

This airport has squandered every opportunity it has ever been provided (Peterborough is now reaping those rewards)

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(no subject)

The Town of Thessalon has recently put this airstrip up for sale. So future of the strip is unknown.

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are they still the second friday of the month?

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Nice Airport

Seems to be very well maintained.

A very nice little restaurant with good prices.

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Nice place!

Nice field and great people! There is an RAA bbq there in early June this year.

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Rip Off!

Everything from the parking to the food/drink is overpriced!

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It was never that great, but has GONE DOWNHILL!

The last time I landed here was about 5 years ago and thought despite the negative reviews I would drop in recently. The recent reviews were accurate. Not certain who would buy it, but I won't be returning. St. Catharines airport is the best in the area with lots to do and good facilities! I wonder what happened on that plane crash that occurred there last year. Hushed up!

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