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(no subject)

Hi im looking for the history of this airport

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looking for 103

on floats and wheals and floats send pictures steve maclean yellowbus 470@gmail.comand price steve maclean 902-969-4457

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light aircraft 103

hi im steve maclean looking for one on floats and wheels for sale em thanks

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air craft 103

looking for plain on floats and wheels 103 steve 902-969-4457 or with pitcurs

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air plains light 103

i am interested in quick silver or lazair phone me at 902-969 4457 or e m thanks

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Association of Students Pilots - Academy of Aeronautics of C

We love to fly, we love to learn more, it is our passion. take an appointment and Come visit us

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Too expensive for me

Expensive fuel and many fees. Please avoid unless you own a jet and must go to old Quebec City. If you want to visit around you are better going to Trois-Riviere and rent a car.

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Nice tower folks

Rare small controlled airport around. Bilingual services. Nice down town area.

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Nice place

Nice people around. Same town feeling. Downtown Joliette is a real small city with all restaurants, hotels, cabs... Nice little terminal with a dynamic flight school. Cheap fuel available when the flight school is open. No restaurant on site, always some retired folks around to talk airplane with and help you. English spoken by most local French-Canadian pilots. Many ex-airline and ex-Military pilots here.

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Worn down, no one around, nothing around.

Better go somewhere else like CSU3, CSC3.

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Cheap fuel

The cheapest 100LL in the area. Busy on weekends. Watch out for parachute jumpers. Most local pilot speak/understand English. Just be clear and ask questions. No food around. Better go to Trois-Riviere or Bromont for good airport based restaurants.

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Good spot

English spoken, good place for 100LL and Jetfuel. Always someone around for fuel when the weather is ok to good. English is understood/spoken by all local pilot. Just be clear and ask questions if not sure. Not a good idea to be Nordo. Say your intention. Runway 20 is a right circuit. Just approach by the city side. Plenty of trikes and flight schools here for touch and goes.

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BCATP locations.

I have designed this web page that display the locations of Canadian military installations past and present.

Some of the info needs corrections.

Let me know of any wrong data.

Pass it along to anyone.

Email me for the URL.

Roger Delisle


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Aero Maintenance Ottawa Ltd.

Inspections, Repairs, Service.

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Valpiro FBO at Val D'Or airport

Val D'Or was great experience!, Valpiro FBO staff were helpful, friendly and efficient, and we had ground power as soon as we had shut down. We had emailed them overnight and, following their response we phoned and made contact. We arrived and parked on the ramp nearest to their facility and were airborne again 58 minutes later after the refuel, coffee and loo stop! Definitely a top-tip in Northern Canada.

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Search for a Fleet Canuck aircraft for sale

I'm hoping there may be a Fleet Canuck available at this airport for sale, any help would be appreciated. Is there an airport manager on site?

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General Aviation not welcome there

The National Defence ask 14$ landing fees and Promotion Saguenay ask another 16$. An additionnal 25$ fees per passenger was requested and 35$ for daytime parking. Considering that I had 3 passengers on that day, the journey costed me 140$, which is very expensive in comparison to similar airport size.

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Flying a drone


I want to fly a drone in my farm in Saint Cesaire which is close (4kms approx.) to a small airdrome and far away from the main airports.

I just want to make sure I'm not braking any law by doing that on my private land.

Thanks for your advice.

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(no subject)

Wheather for te weekend

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plane sotting

i go plane sotting a lot

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Great Airport

Easy to use and easy access to downtown Montreal

Pascan was a very reasonably priced FBO

Helpful and cooperative !!

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Expensive AOE

Montreal area airports are a real rip off for the Ramp fees for a brief stop to satisfy Canadian customs

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Avgas availability at Kujjuaq

Call first to see if they are not out, sold by the complete drum only, you must bring your own pump.

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Learning to Fly at CSE4

I just started my PPL at CSE4 and the staff is super friendly and welcoming! The food is great and the service is super professional! I was shocked to hear english when I came through the doors! Nothing but positive comments to say about this friendly airport! Beautiful scenery around the airfield and tons of pilots to talk too!

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Growing friendly airport

I have been stationned here since 1994. It is nice to witness a municipal airport in Quebec that is open to bilingualism, not threatened by land-grabing developpers and supported by its town. To wit the explosion of red-roofed hangars over the last 10 years... There has been a change in the management of the airport, restaurant and flying school but it has led to more growth and little change in the service, so all good news. On weekend during the swing seasons, be prepared to encounter some glider activities but the traffic is wide enough and there are no real overflight restrictions that would cause a safety hazard. As for English not being used, I fly in both languages and I have never noticed...

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Quebec Jean Lesage landing/parking fees

Parking fee for AV Jet for 2 hours was $80. Not sure if there will be an additional landing fee from the airport. As of 3/1/2015

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Great Airport - Very active

Visited twice and saw lots of activity happening. Airport manager is very friendly and helpful. Its very scenic to go over the big river just to the west of the airport on climb out or on approach.

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Very Nice fascility

Great airport to have a stop over or a fuel stop. Nice retaurant on site and gas stations are just a walking distance. Local community uses French only on radio....Be prepared or be motivated to go nordo. :)

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Our flight to Grosse le

Our two father-and-son pilots from Montmagny Airport were excellent - just felt like driving in a car. I just knew they could do this trip blindfolded! Not only did we get 'the tour' but they also located several flocks of Snow Geese for me. Great take-off and soft landing. Thanks to both of you.

Judy and Alex Eberspaecher, Travel Journalists and P

hotographers, Oakville, Ontario

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re: Baie-Johan-Beetz is now in Quebec :)

Reply to @RaymondR: Doesn't appear in the Water Aerodrome Supplement either.

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Baie-Johan-Beetz is now in Quebec :)

This aerodrome is not currently listed in the CFS

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Please correct the mistake

It is located in Quebec, not Nova Scotia

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There's a new FBO at the end of Juliet threshold 24R called H-18 i think. They only serve Jet-A, but they offer the best service on the field. Pascan is crowded with their own airplanes and they rarely have hangar space available. h18 saved me this winter, they gave me an amazing price, even though I was in a 172 and couldn't buy fuel from them. Definitely a place to check out. And they are only 15 minutes driving from downtown!

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All details here: airroberval dot com

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Lac William

Ouvert fevrier et mars. 100 pieds de marche jusqu'au manoir. Apportez vos patins!

VΓ©rifier le site web pour les dΓ©tails.

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Deserves to drop behnd Calgary

Arrived 2:00 with a 6:45 AM connecting flight. Went to my departure gate to sleep until boarding, and got rousted out by a security guard. Had to leave the secure area and go back through security. Apparently they hate sleep. I hope they feel like crap that a city 1/3 the size (Calgary) has displaced them as 3rd busiest airport in Canada.

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Air Saguenay propriety

Double price for fuel

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Atterissage sur gazon?

Est-ce possible et permis d'atterir sur le gazon avec un PA-18 chez vous? Si oui, quelle partie est la meilleure? S.V.P. repondre ici. Merci.

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I have a good souvenir of this airport ,landed in 1998 OORT

Hearty welcome and cheap .roland hurtecant private VFR. pilot

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re: Poor food choices

you serious ? Vancouver has to be the worse airport for Duty Free.....Bourbon and Cuban cigars they have NO idea and they move at a snails pace

gimme the east coast any day

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3.5 nauticals from les cedres

the airport is 3.5 nauticals from les cedres airport.....

I suspect possible conflicts in the patters if flying a large one.

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Poor food choices

Having a five hour wait for my connecting flight, I was disappointed with the lack of good sit down places to eat. The airport is okay but a bit dingy compared to Vancouver. Great city but dismal airport.

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re: How much is Landing Fee CYQB?

Since January 2013, there is now a $20 landing fee for light GA. Just got the bill. What a jip.

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New 2012 airport 3,000 ft X 50ft asphalt

Info available (in French) at

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re: Phone number

This number is still listed in the CFS.

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No. 4 Elementary Flying Training School:

Opened near Windsor Mills on 24 June 1940 under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. The school closed on 25 August 1944.

The airfield no longer exists today.

Source Material: "Abandoned Military Installations in Canada Vol II: Quebec" by Paul Ozorak.

(Found here: )

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Aerodrome Information:

3500' Packed Gravel

Limited Winter Maintenance

UNICOM 122.85

Avgas/Jet A Available

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re: Phone number

You going to make us guess, or are you going to tell us what the correct number is?

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Phone number

Phone number for Aviation CMP is incorrect.

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