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Lack of seating at gates.

Lack of seats in U.S terminal for passengers waiting to board. Pity because there is enough room to double the seating capacity in the terminal.

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Airline Market Share

What is the Split in movements between WS and AC annually?

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Aircraft maintenance?

Does anybody do aircraft maintenance at Josephberg?

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Best Systems Ever

This airport has the best systems I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure they have a great Business Analyst behind most of them

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Annual BBQ or get together for fly-in ?

Hello Wayne, I recently flew into your airpark and though with the amount of hangsr space that you would hold an annual event. If you have a get together, plese let me know, thanks

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Fuel Prices

100LL $1.38/l and JetA $0.989/l as of Jan 11, 2018

Fuel Self Serve Debit, Mastercard, Visa

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Fuel Prices

100LL $1.42/l and JetA $0.989/l.

Prices include GST and Carbon Tax.

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(no subject)

Nice repaved runway and new lighting. Fuel, tie downs, plug ins, heated hangar available. Food and accommodation's are about 8 km away.

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(no subject)

Restaurant and grocery store within a very short walk from the airport. Paved apron with tie downs. Nice place to stop over.

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(no subject)

Very nice pilot lounge. Best fuel prices in the area. Lighted runway with AWOS. Home of the restored Canso. Nice airport to visit but a little too far to walk to town. About 4km.

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No longer free 20 min

Too bad, used it ALOT. But there's the cell lot now so that works just as well

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Credit cards not accepted at pump. Transient pilots must call in attendant with a special card. Then credit card is accepted manually by same attendent in terminal building. Had to wait about 15 minutes. The fact that credit cards are not accepted at the pump is not displayed, and we tried several times.

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I land here quite often. There's a pizza place 1 block away with great ice cream!


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RCAF 1956-1963


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Shrinkwrap, Quickwrap Scaffold & Containment Solutions

Anyone who might be interested in shrinkwrapping valves, motors electrical etc. for shipping and storing can contact us @ 780-720-2762 Miles Slobodian

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No fuel services here

There are no fuel services at this airfield

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Fuel Prices 100LL and Jet A

100LL is $1.199/litre; Jet A is $0.899/litre

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Great place to fly into

Wonderful airport, got to watch some aerobatics. The fuel tank owner was so friendly and helpful. Like the person above below I too got a free beverage and help filling my plane. People around the airport we all really friendly.

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100 ll June 2016 fuel 1.25

100 LL June 2016 fuel 1.25

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Flyin Breakfast date


Note , you are not listed on the Inissfail activity list!


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Check out our website at

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Marked as closed

Not in current CFS; runway appears disused in sat view.

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Friendly, great fuel price and a courtesy car!

Great airport to stop at, the super friendly fuel system owner gave me a beverage and helped me fuel my airplane; the courtesy car was a great thing to have use of too.

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re: IPhone app

OurAirports does not produce any iPhone or Android apps — perhaps you were looking at an app that uses the open data that we publish.

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IPhone app

I downloaded your approach CA iPhone app and it doesn't work

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Christiansen Field

Great aerodrome 1800 ft Not for every airplane

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Leismer aerodrome service

Elite, fast and efficient service, free coffee and a pinball machine in the waiting room A++

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The most disrespectful wild life harassing people I have ever met chasing moose on horse back and with air plane is not legal

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LAPES on ice

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I lived and went to school in Athabasca back in the early 60s. There used to be a small grass airstrip with a few hangers and some small high wing aircraft. Piper Cub, Fleet 80 or similar. At that age l just wanted to fly. As a retired B737 Jurassic and Classic pilot l took the opportunity to see how Athabasca has changed. What can I say......remarkable and beautiful.

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Fuel Price

Fuel price as of May 2015 is $1.469

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Dining at golf course

Great place to eat at the adjacent golf course during golf season. About a 10 minute walk across the end of the runway then along a fairway.

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Fuel price

Fuel price Feb 2015 is $1.51 per litre.

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new Operator


We are the new Operator for CEF6 and will be taking over from Forestburg on January 1st, 2015. The Airport will be turned in to an AirPark. Still open to public.

Automatic Runway light is correct.

May to October 100ll and supreme Gas available

Light snack and non-alcoholic Beverages

RV Parking and so on. New Website for more accurate up to date info or call 780-881-5678

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Runway is lighted ARCAL-K per CFS

I've made the change per the previous comment.

Please note however that I am just a member here also. This site is community maintained. I encourage you to become a member so you can make these changes yourself.


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It says in the Info sheet that there is no lights. WRONG! This airport has full automatic runway lights and they are functioning

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Staying overnight

The museum is a good one to see and The best Western-Wayside Inn is a very nice accomidating place to stay

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Shell 13 airport

Hello. This airport does not currently nor did it ever exist - The Shell Aerodrome on this site is designated CAL4 , named Ft. McKay/Albian Aerodrome and is shown accurately below and slightly to the right As Ft. MacKay / Albian Aerodrome. Proper spelling is McKay.

I hope this helps.


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Nice Airport

I visited Sept. 16, 2014 for the first time. Nice terminal building with soft drinks and cookies available. Congratulations to Justine on her first solo.

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Villeneuve Airport

No preparation was made to make this Edmonton's alternative GA airport before closure of Edmonton's City Centre Airport (Blatchford Field). Airport services are terrible. There are no vehicle rental kiosks and no restaurants. The airport is too far from the city. And the airport has no web page!! How the heck does this airport attract any visitors with no web page? This is a terrible airport.

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Namao CAFB

Alberta (Edmonton in particular) is hell bent on removing itself from the aviation community. The Calgary Airport Authority (a privately owned operator) is the only corporation making any real effort to develop aviation interests in Alberta.

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Clearing Customs from Canada to USA at Ross International Ai

One of my biggest mistakes in 20+ years of flying. I took my Cessna C172N in to what is known as Ross Inteernational Airport. Nice name but a poor excuse for an airport let alone 'International'. Just about bought the farm on this venture. Rough sod, no facilities and the Customs Officer was unfriendly because I didn't phone 2 hours prior to landing even though I had phoned earlier in the week and completed the e-aptis thing, my bad I guess. Taking off was the test, picked the wrong direction, slighly up hill, thought there was no wind but there was in the wrong direction. I really thought I was going to end up in the vehicle border crossing building. Should have taken off west and taken my chances of crashing into the cemetary. Never going in there again.

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Self serve 100LL

100 LL $1.79 April/14

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Regards from the other side of the Earth

Hi there from the exact point on the other side of the globe :) We're in Tyumen, USTR airport.

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Sad Day



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Grass Strip

I love it.

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Cooking lake Airport is developing lots for up to 20 new han

In October 2013, the airport began construction of 3 new taxiways and access roads for 20 new hangar lots. The airport has been there since 1926 and just keeps getting better - its a casual, fun and friendly place to hang out with fellow flyers.

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re: Self serve 100LL

100 LL $1.65 Oct/13

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re: Back up in 2012

Yes it's open again. Aug 2013. The grass is mowed and the runway markers are layed out. I flew from there 2 weeks ago.

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