Westchester County Airport
White Plains, New York, United States

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Tie-down fees at Millionaire

For a Piper Cherokee-sized plane, the tie-down fee is now $40/night, first night waived with at least 15 gal fuel purchase. Still a good deal for the NY area.

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Jet Systems is now Signature West

I just talked to them, and there's still no charge for clearing customs there in a small single-engine piston plane, as long as you're not picking up or dropping off passengers. +1-914-428-3730

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Contact info

Million Air:

136 Tower Rd, Harrison, NY 10604, United States

+1 914-946-0100

US Customs and Border Patrol @ KHPN:

Meet at Jet Systems (next to Million Air)

+1 914-428-7858

M-F 0600-2000 local; S-S 1200-2000 local (otherwise special callout)

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Good NYC-area airport for general aviation

I flew into HPN last Sunday for a week of meetings in NYC, and departed on Friday. This airport is surprisingly convenient -- on the map, it's further out than TEB, but the Million Air FBO will drive you to the White Plains Metro North station for free, and there are frequent commuter trains to Grand Central for around $11-14 one way. Travel time into the city varies from 35-55 minutes, depending on time of day and whether you get an express. Compare that to $100+ for a car and driver from TEB into Manhattan, and maybe longer than that stuck in traffic anyway. And HPN doesn't have anything like the delays of Teterboro. I left in low IFR (500 ft) and waited almost no time to get my clearance and release -- I might have waited over an hour at TEB. I've been flying to NYC for over 10 years, and I'm sorry I waited so long to try HPN.

There are no landing fees, no fees for customs (Jet Systems waives the ramp fee for customs even when you're not parking there), and Million Air is an outstandingly good FBO with decent prices for the NY area -- for a Cherokee, $25/night tie-down, first night free with at least 15 gallons of fuel, and reasonable fuel prices. My total bill came to just over $220 after flying 300 nm from Ottawa, topping the tanks, and tying down for five nights -- *and* I didn't have to pay for a taxi to and from the train station (though I tipped the driver, of course).

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Customs at HPN

I'm planning to fly into HPN from Canada this Sunday, so I called to find out about service at 914-428-7858. They need two hours notice (plus an eAPIS), and you taxi to Jet Systems (Signature?) next to the tower after landing. Hours seem to be 06:00–20:00 local weekdays, 12:00–20:00 local weekends, but call to confirm. They can also do after-hours with four hours notice, but I suspect there would be a call-out charge.

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From http://airport.westchestergov.com/general-aviation/flight-services :

"Westchester County has affirmative policies encouraging the use of light general aviation at the airport in its effort to maintain a persified [sic] aviation community. Two of the five fixed base operators at the airport specialize in light general aviation services."

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