John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport
Santa Ana, California, United States

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Right in the middle of Orange County

Whether it's for business or leisure, KSNA is the perfect spot for the airport. The main terminal is currently going through expansion (2011) on it's south section, finally stretching beyond what was the old, original terminal. This interruption has taken the smaller Rwy 1R/19L and is used as a taxi-way for the larger commercial aircraft. One of the biggest kicks is taking off to the south (19R) on a commercial jet, due to the noise abatement procedures. Full brakes, full power, release, use most of the runway, and you're suddenly 2000 feet up. This is where the pilots pull back on the throttle to keep things quiet for the neighborhoods south of the airport. Sometimes the feeling of weight-loss is very noticeable yet exciting. As was already said, whether flying commercially or privately, this is a well laid out airport. I currently use it about a dozen times a year.

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5 Stars

Can't complain about anything at John Wayne Airport. It's relatively small and it's extremely easy to navigate through the terminal. Friendly personnel as well.

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