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Transit Area

I am travelling from Mumbai to Chicago via Franz Josef Strauss Airport (MUC). I have layover of 9 hours. Do I need transit Visa??

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Invalid airport details of EDVK - Kassel/Calden Germany

There are still the old invalid details of the closed R/W 04/22 (old airport) in Your info published - maybe it´s time after almost 3 years to correct it. Thanks

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homepage of the airport

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Nice Airport, nice people

Take care of wind N / NW!

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small glider and UL airfield

contact: +49 163 471 5335

new members welcome!

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PPG friendly after PPR

Avoid flying over nearby villages. Don't launch or land in front of Hangar - use opposite end of landing strip for powered paragliders

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(no subject)

It is a Place To be

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Runway is repainted, looks OK. Anyone knows if it's open??

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Short runway !

A nice airport with a short runway, a lot of traffic (gliders and single-engine-aircraft)

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PPR only! Used to be a nice little airfield - Offenburg City

Prior permission required. While in the 1970ies, this was a lovely airfield, and flying was strongly supported by the Burda publishing company, the greenish attitude of local politicians has made flying on this airfield a miserable affair.

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(no subject)

I checked the frequencies against the AIP, they looked quite OK. Only I removed the FIS - it was, confusingly, called an AFIS :( - because it is useless on a controlled airport like this one.

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double entry

The actual field is a bit to the north west, and is duly mentioned in this database under its correct ICAO code of EDHP.

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Merged duplicate airports

Now just one record for this location.

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EDLR - Flugplatz Paderborn-Haxterberg

Der Flugplatz Paderborn Haxterberg (EDLR)

Name: Paderborn-Haxterberg

ICAO-Kennung: EDLR

Lage: 51 41,30 N / 008 46,50 E

ELEV: 800ft (244m)

GAFOR-Gebiet: 10 / 32

RWY: 06/24, 600m x 18m Asphalt

Platzrunde: SE 1800

Frequenz: 125,275 (Haxterberg INFO) VDF/QDM

Tank: 100LL, MoGas

Zoll: Nein


PPR (in der Regel 9.30 h local bis SS+30)


C: 05251-71839 bzw. 0 160 970 870 16

PPR: 0 160 970 870 16

Büro: 05251-65908

AIS: 069-78072-500

MET: 0211-424140


Paderborn CTR (2500 MSL) 2 NM SW

MAX ALT 1900ft MSL! GLD! UL-Betrieb!

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(no subject)

This is a double entry for EDDV. Admin please remove.

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DELETE THIS. Duplicate

delete this

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There appears to be two Bamberge-Breitenau airports, EDQA and ZCD. They should be merged.

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(no subject)


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New ICAO-Shortcut!


the former US-military airport in the city Bamberg now got the ICAO-shortcut "EDQA". Please correct this item. Thanks

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Small GA airport nearby Berlin

Fuel station AVGAS,

UL flight school "Flugsport Berlin"


Little snack bar

UL Charter possibility

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NDB (SG 306.00 KHz closed on 2006-11-28)

NDB (SY 384.00 KHz closed on 2006-11-16)

on 384.00 KHz was NDB ST certainly replaced by SY

Sincerely, Alain

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airfield website URL

schwarze-heide dot com

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(no subject)

This has one of the nicest terminals I have seen sept 12 2015 stopover from france to cyvr Canada --ron

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taking my dauther from kiel to meinerzhagen

angebot ? sonnenhol kempter noer

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Nice glider airfield

Very nice glider airfield with ample of space, (gas) runway in four directions and a historic water fortress with a prison in it. Althogh quite fa distance from Frankfurt, the academical gliding club of Goethe University (Akaflieg Frankfurt) has its homebase there as well as the local gliding club FSV Schwalm.

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What a beautiful place!

I really enjoyed visiting this wonderful airport!

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Commande 114b

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Transit VISA

Hello, I will be travelling from India to Bogota. I have a layover of 4 hours at MUC Franz Josef Strauss Airport and 5 hours halt at FRA Frankfurt Intl Airport. Do i need a transit VISA for either?

Thanks in advance for your help

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next visit

waiting for summer time

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Local gliding club

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Shortest Runway

The shortest asphalt runway with 408m in germany and a 50ft obstacle when you takeoff to the west. If you can make it here, you can do it everywhere :-)

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Open space

I visited the park on the old airport site today. I'm sad that it closed, but it's still worth a visit: people use the runways for cycling, jogging, rollerblading, and kite-surfing, and for a pilot (or aviation fan), it's interesting being able to walk up to the hold-short line for 27R, then on along the runway.

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Ground transportation

I landed at Tegel this week, so clearly it's still open, despite the comment I left 7 1/2 years ago. As the Wikipedia article mentions, walking distances are extremely short — in less than 5 minutes, I was off the plane and in a cab.

A taxi to my hotel near the Heinrich-Heine Straße U-Bahn station was €35, which is a bit pricey. I have since discovered that there is an express bus "TXL" that takes 41 minutes from Alexanderplatz to Tegel (or vice versa). Details here:

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New Runway

The actual runway is 09/27, 2500m.

The old runway 04/22 is not in use anymore.

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Great place and people so very friendly

I arrived by road and asked if I could take photo's and the people were so helpful

Just like to say Thank You

Regards chris

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RWY 20/02 / Comm 122.200 MHz

RWY 20/02 / Comm 122.200 MHz

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Curiosity Brought me to this place

Nice Heliport as Heliports go.

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42 euro a night! While your there spending money.. First and last visit.

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great place to stop

Now our favourite small airfield in Germany.. Don't,t miss it. Or the Vienna snitzel

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Hamburg Airport (Flughafen Hamburg)

Opened in January 1911, thus making it the oldest airport in the world still in operation, is the international airport of Hamburg, Germany's second-largest city.

It is the country's fifth-busiest commercial airport in terms of passenger numbers (13.7 million in 2012).

Hamburg Airport serves as a base for Germanwings, Condor, TUIfly and easyJet and also houses the headquarters of Lufthansa Technik, a world leader in providing maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft, engines and components.

In 2013 it won the highly regarded ACI (Airport Council International Europe) "Best Airport in Europe" award in the 10-25 million passengers category for the 2nd year in a row. This came on the heels of also winning the Skytrax World Airport Awards “Best Regional Airport Europe” in 2012 and “Best Non-Hub Airport Europe” in 2011.

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Headquarters of Airbus in Germany

Finkenwerder Airport (XFW) is part of Airbus' Hamburg headquarters in Germany and its major commercial aircraft manufacturing plant (the third largest in the world after Seattle/Everett (USA) and Toulouse (France). Here some 15,000 people are employed. Airbus Hamburg plays a decisive role in the development and engineering of all Airbus aircraft. It is responsible for the final assembly of the A318, A319, A320 and A321.

In addition, all A380s are fitted here with their cabin interiors and painted for final delivery. Hamburg Finkenwerder is also home to Airbus’ A380 major component assembly hall, which houses the structural assembly and the fitting-with equipment of the forward and complete rear fuselage sections for this new-generation aircraft. Final acceptance and delivery of all A380s for customers in Europe and the Middle East take place here.

This Airbus facility’s years of manufacturing experience enhance fuselage structural assembly and systems installation. It produces complete fuselage sections for the A380, which are shipped to France on a specially-built roll-on/roll-off ferry.

Hamburg also plays a key role in the A330 and A350 XWB programmes, for which it manufactures and equips the forward and rear fuselage sections.

Other key activities in Hamburg include Airbus' largest spares centre - adjacent to Hamburg Airport (HAM) – which holds some 120,000 proprietary parts for customers from around the world, and A320 Family maintenance training facilities and procurement.

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The worse workshop I ever seen, either African workshop are better !

Bad quality and dangerous.

Either, airport is very nice, nice restaurant.

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Runway Limitation

MTOM 2000 KG

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Private License here in 1973

This is where I learned to fly, from an instructor names Bob Buch.

Many of my best flights originated from here.

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It's 'Riem' not 'Reim'

It is pronunced like english 'reim', but in german, it is written 'Riem' or 'München-Riem'.

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Nice field close to Frankfurt

Strange combination of a CTR and uncontrolled field. Radar information comes from EDDF in the CTR but no positive control; only information for the guys in the tower. No ILS. Have to cancel when the field is in view. Had some horrific crashes on the approach from the east due to a rise in a forest that is basically invisible. Awesome restaurant and pleasant ground staff. S-Bahn takes you to downtown Frankfurt in about 30 minutes and EDDF is only a few minutes away with train or taxi. Home to Netjets.

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Airbus Industries

The is an airport only for Airbus Industries bringing in parts from Toulouse. Generally, it is not a public airport.

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