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Cost now kill this so perfect destination

In 2016 I still paid approx 300,- Euro for landing, one week parking and handling, in June 2017 I was already charged 500 and in September they took over 900,- Euro!!! Each time with my Beech Duke and 2 person on board... In 2018 may be it’s now 1400 in June and 2200 in September, who knows. There is a monopoly situation which is used to rip off pilots as there is no alternate airport.


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(no subject)

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LECH it is not in Calamocha

LECH it is the airport from CastellΓ³n Costa Azahar, Valencian Region, spain

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Swissport Executive Valencia Airport

You are right, handling mandatory in Valencia

We choosed Swissport Executive Aviation, much cheaper that the above :

Our aircraft, PA31 (MTOW 2,9 Kg) :

- Handling: 90,00 Eur + 21% VAT

- Landing Fees : 38,21 Eur

- No communication, FBO facilities, or Disbursement fee

But anyway, is a expensive airport

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Small and Friendly

Excellent airport shared with Spanish Military

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Out of date departure information

Jet2 flight LS918 from Tenerife South to Manchester, UK shows as "departed as scheduled at 14:05" on 12 March. However, the flight has still not departed as I write this comment at 20:48!!!!!!

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Details for Landing on GCLP

Where can I get more details to land on GCLB with my private Mooney M20F coming from Germany EDMY?

Please reply to Simon on:

Thank you very much in advanced.

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(no subject)

RWY 15/33

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(no subject)

Reported to be in very poor condition, check

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parking fee's at Son Bonet airport

i was lead to believe to think that you could pre pay a summer parking permit which save you quite a bit of money,

does anyone know if they still do them, if so where can i get one

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RWY length

The RWY length of 3406m for 01R/19L is correct! However only 2400m is available as the effective length due to displaced thresholds.

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Helpfull people

Be carefull, shopping center is before the passport control

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landing fee

Hi Lansarote Airport,

My Name is Andor Kantas comercial pilot from Hungary, may I have some info for example what is the condition of landing fee for Cessna172?

Best regards

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Any idea of the cost of avgas here?

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About LECN

Practical and inexpensive. I recommend it to visitors and it has AVGAS

No customs so take care

I have been skydiving there as well. Beware SKYDIVERS

Not complicated and just by the beach and small practical hotels in the vicinity

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Skydive Espana - skydiving

Now open for skydiving only at Skydive Espana. For skydive courses: AFF, StaticLine and Tandem Skydive. @skydiveespana

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GA Pilots useful info

Last visit: summer 2014

Fuel: Avgas available, the fuel station is located on the opposite side of the GA parking ,so on the arrival if you need to refuel the aircraft, it would be better to communicate your intentions before vacating the runway.

Parking and landing fees: Landing fees are generally speaking low, but the price for the parking is almost the double of the last year, and three times of two years ago!!!

Note: Visit the Aeroclub of Barcelona Sabadell, very friendly people and professional istructors, very good restaurant (low prices). The aerodrome is only 20 km far away from Barcelona (taxi available on the aerodrome and very cheap)

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GA Pilots useful info

Landing and parking fees: none!

Not controlled aerodrome

Fuel: not available so if required a technical stop to Mahon will be necessary

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Pilot Useful info (last visit: summer 2011)

I've fly to IBIZA airport only 3 times between 2010 and 2011. On my last visit we choose IBIZAR as handler and we park the aircraft, a PA-32 (MTOW 1,3T) for 8 days

total fees around 250€.

Now as I've heard AENA (that is also the aerodrome operator) has raised up to 50% the total costs of the parkings and landing fees, so to park the same aircraft now maybe the total costs will be almost double. On the other hand ES CODOLAR is the only way to reach IBIZA or Formentera island by GA plane.

CAUTION : During summer if your flight is under IFR a departure slot is mandatory!

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GA pilot useful info (last visit: summer 2014)

Caution: heavy parachuted activity in summer

Aereodrome managed by private operator (NO AENA!) so it does not figure on the published Aerodrome list on the AENA website.

VAC chart available only thru JeppTC or Flitestar

Fuel: Avgas and JET-A1 available

Landing fees: 10 €

Parking: 10 €/day, expect to park on grass during summer

Note: FireFighting aircraft and Ultra-light activity on the aerodrome

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Rank *****

Landing and parking fee: none!

Fuel: Avgas available

Tips: swimming pool (2), Nice Club house and very good restaurant (low prices also), Friendly people. Overall: one of the best aerodrome I've visited ever

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Rank ****

Last visited: Summer 2012

Plane: BE33 (I-RAUL)

Landing and parking fees: very low

Fuel: Avgas Available

Tips: AVIS car rental available on the aerodrome.

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Excellent. Great guys!

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My home AirPort

Short runway. Might get bumpy with frequent turbulences.

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Madrid fees

Been to LECU (or LECV in order to get METAR/TAF) and here the landing fees for this airport:

Passengers: 1x 2.62€ + 21% VAT

Weather (we never get it): 0.41€ + 21% VAT

Airport security: 3.78€ + 21% VAT

Landing fee: 6.60€ + 21% VAT

Parking fees (3 days): 60€ + 21% VAT

Use of infrastructure (!): 0.61€ + 21% VAT

Service air traffic airport (?): 4.86€ + 21% VAT

Done the 29th of March 2104

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After reading very very bad comments concerning this airport (one the worse one in Spain !), I was surprise by this airport.

As everywhere in Spain, need a handling agent.

We choose Execujet.

Here the cost for a Cessna 310i (2,3T MTOW):

- Handling: 83.43€ + 21% VAT

- Communication (?):21€ + 21% VAT

- Landing fees: 81.86€ no VAT

- Airport taxes on weight (?): 14.60€ + 21% VAT

- Distursement fee: 9.65€ + 21% VAT

- FBO facilities: 34€ + 21% VAT

Done on the 21st March 2014

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We choose IBIZAIR as handler.

3 days in Ibiza, with a Cessna 310i ( 2,3T MTOW).

Airport H Tax: 14€ (+21% VAT)

Handling services: 130€ (+ 21% VAT)

Landing Fees: 69,70€ (no VAT on it)

TOTAL: 243,94€ for 3 days

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Great service, easy in & out

Here our expenses for 3 days in Barcelone, with a Cessna 310 (2,3T):


No need if you are parked South of the airport.

Either, 10€ for the car to bring you from your aircraft to the "terminal".

To go to town: 45€ taxi (to down town Barcelone)

28€ if the handling company brings you (if they are available).

Print your flight logs/weather: 8€

Airport fees:

Use of infrastructure (sic !): 2,62€

Landing fees: 6,88€

Air Traffic of Airport (?): 5,07€

Parking fees: 100€ (3x days)

use of infrastuctures PRM assistance (?): 0,61€

Weather services (never use it !): 0,43€

Airport security: 3,78€

EASY place to go in & out, I'll goo again :)

March 2014

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Fight from Valladolid

I have taken the Ryanair flight to Barcelona.

The organization was really bad, they declared the flight ready for boarding 2 hours before the real boarding, bad organization.

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wrong RWY length

01R/19L 3.406 m

instead of 2400 m.

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re: ppl

Hi Desmond ,Did you manage to get any infos abt flying school here in muxamiel? ?Im 80hrs ppl and looking for build up my time now ,i live in Alicante ,thanks

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swimming pool

a lovely airport with a nice swimming pool and restaurant between the runway and apron. friendly people

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Private airport

Owned by March family in their own enormous lands in Guadalcanal

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My trip to Barcelona

Barcelona airport is fantastic.

You can go from the city to the airport very cheap! can't compare to Schipool or Milan... I love this city :)

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Dear Sirs,

1) Is it allowed to arrive on your airport with a french ULM (Ultra Light Aircraft 3 axis / 450 kg - 100cv) ?

2) could you please add VAC chart on your website ou give us way to find it ?

Thank you in advance for your repply

Best regards

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Son Bonet Aerodrome

Their own web site states it is open sunrise to sunset as it has no lighting

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re: opening hours

woes not appear to say anything at all!!

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Closed, or just in receivership?

All airlines have ceased flights to this airport, but is it closed to non-airline flights?

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Nice airfiled

We spent a great time there.

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Can you fly Radio Controlled aircraft at this airport?

I fly large (2m wingspan) RC electric aircraft - is there a club or facility to fly at Quatro Vientos airport? I live in Tres Cantos!

Adrian Broadbent

0034 91 66 305 1142

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Hi,i am 400 hour ppl retiring to costa blanca and would like to fly cessnas or pipers at Muchamiel.Do you have email numbers and telephone numbers for flying schools at muchamiel airport.If so please send them.Thanks.Desmond.

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opening hours

A website that does not say what hours the airport is open is not a very useful website

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Great location to visit Madrid but very busy. Taxi 30€ to downtown or 10 € to the closest subway

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re: Flight France > Gabon with microlight BRM Citius


No internet address available so far. Use phone instead, but beware they don't speak anything but spanish. AFAIK MOGAS is available but better check, airfield is actually in the middle of nowhere and I'm not sure any gas station is available in the vicinity. I use AVGAS and was forced to refuel in Jerez.

FPL may be submitted by phone, but if you fly to Morocco you have to pass custom in Jerez (Morocco is not Schengen area).

Regards lsalv

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re: Flight France > Gabon with microlight BRM Citius

Reply to @lsalv: thanks a lot for the information regarding Trebujena airfield. I intend to have a stop over next month (mid-april 2012) before going to Tanger - Morrocco. Can I file a flight plan to Morrocco by phone (Jerez twr). Is mogas available at the airport or do I have to go to gas station ? have you the internet address of airport manager. thanks and regards. Michel.

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del paraguai!

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