Weather at Sandy Point Airport

Public forecast

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Closest aviation weather report (METAR) to Sandy Point Airport

Closest report is St. Mary's County Regional Airport, 11.3 nm (20.9 km) SSE.

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Closest aviation forecast (TAF) to Sandy Point Airport

Closest forecast is Joint Base Andrews, 22.0 nm (40.7 km) NNW.

2023/09/24 17:57 (retrieved 3 hours ago)

TAF KADW 241700Z 2417/2523 18006KT 9000 -RA BR SCT008 OVC020 QNH2983INS TEMPO 2417/2422 4800 -RA BR BKN008 OVC018 BECMG 2421/2422 22009KT 9999 VCSH OVC010 QNH2983INS TEMPO 2422/2503 6000 -DZ OVC007 BECMG 2502/2503 29006KT 6000 BR OVC006 QNH2990INS BECMG 2505/2506 31006KT 4800 BR OVC005 QNH2994INS TEMPO 2509/2510 1600 BR OVC002 BECMG 2513/2514 35012KT 9999 NSW OVC015 QNH3004INS TX19/2422Z TN16/2510Z