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Where can I find the official map of the Kingston Airfield?

I'm on the History Committee of the Kingscourt Community Association, and I'm looking into the history of the old airfield. Trying to find an official government map of the airfield -- tried NavCan, Dept of Transport, Archives Canada but no luck. I have the Kingston topographical map from 1931 that shows the runways, but I'd still like to see the official map of the airfield. Can you help?

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More history

1,400 transient planes in one year during the 1930s:

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Kingston's first airport, 1929-1942

This was the (approximate) location of the Kingston Flying Club's original 1,200 ft grass strip, in what is now the Kingscourt subdivision, with St. Mary's Cemetary on the airstrip's its eastern boundary. The club lost its license after a crash in 1942. After World War II, the club resumed operations and moved to the newly-built military airfield that is now Norman Rogers Airport (CYGK).

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re: Kingston's first airport, 1929-1942

Two more factoids about the Kingston Airfield:

Until 1931, the Kingston Airfield was also a regular stop-over point for airmail flights between Toronto and Montreal.

Billy Bishop (Canada's most famous World War I flying ace) was a frequent visitor and honorary member.

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