Holland Landing Airpark

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Flight schools operations?

Are there any fixed wing flight school or instructors operating out of this airport (namelyfor PPL)?

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Wally Hare’s Vision

This fabulous little airport is the vision of one man: Wally Hare. He obtained his ppl in the 1950’s and constructed the original two airstrips in 1958. It was his vision to redirect the strip to its current location. Wally’s family moved there in 1934 and he lived there almost until he died in 2013.

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What did I see?

One evening last year I witnessed a small plane lift off from this place. It was evening and dark and what caught my eye was the sphere being towed by this small airplane. It was internally lit an abou 5 feet across, perhaps 100' feet behind the plane. I watched it fly westward toward schomberg for about 10 minutes. Any ideas?

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Great Place to Visit

Runway is really "perched on the top of a hill", as mentioned by one of the commenter - and there are other hills, antennas and trees around, but the whole location is so very scenic, absolutely adorable. Runway and taxiways are in the perfect conditions, the airport is definitely maintained well, and there was a stash of wonderful flying machines in the hangar! Absolutely worth visiting.

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re: Great Place to Visit

Reply to @dazuppa: I did a TG ther same day. It's a nice approach to 26.

Flying Frank

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Nice Friendly Airport !!

Landed there a couple of weeks back ona VFR from Picton to St. Thomas. Fuel staff were really friendly. Kinda like landing on an aircraft carrier when you approach on 26 and the traffic on the road about 40 feet below can be distracting but a nice challenge to your concentration.

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A bit old...

That must have been taken a while back. The telephone tower isn't there yet! Neat picture to have though.

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Holland Landing

Cool little airport perched on the top of a hill.

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