Barrie Executive Airport

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Picture of dazuppa

No go place

This airport looks like it was closed but the crosses were not painted on the runway ends. Asphalt is all cracked with grass growing through, there are pits and humps all around, and only central part of the airport maneuvering surfaces is more or less usable.

Funny approach to 25 - on short final you almost clip the houses, overflying their backyards quite tightly. There is a pronounced upslope on the first quarter of 25, and overall 07 looks like a safer choice, wind permitting.

There is a bunch of little airstrips and a decent corporate airport close to Barrie, so unless you wish to seriously punish your landing gear - no need to go Springwater.

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re: No go place

Reply to @dazuppa: Even though funds aren't available to resurface the runway at this time, it really isn't in such a deteriated condition as you noted. It's never been closed so no need to 'X' the ends. It's used regularly by everything from ultralights to medium size twins. I was at the strip recently and there was a Cessna 310 and Piper Navaho along with a Cessna 182 RG on the ramp, an indication the strip is fully servicable and never an issue for your undercarriage, retractible or otherwise.

There was always a flight school at the airport until ownership changed. The school was operated by an Air Canada pilot and offered full training through multi engine and commercial.

The airstrip is just 40' wide, usually with a crosswind. In addition, on a windy day there may be some turbulence over the berm along the north side of the strip. The housing development on approach to runway 25 is never a problem. The airstrip is quite safe for landing but may be a little daunting for anyone having to deal with crosswinds and unfamiliar with landing on a short, narrow runway. The technique is somewhat different than landng at an airport with almost unlimited length. Fly the numbers, land on the numbers, stay near the centerline and your airplane will be just as happy as landing at the large regional airport.

I don't recommend an inexperienced student from a large airport use this for airstrip for his solo cross country, however 'experienced pilots' never have problems landing at Springwater.

Picture of Niss

I almsot forgot.....

Left Hand circuits for 07 and right hand circuits for 25. UNICOM is 123.00.

Picture of Niss

Great Airport

2100' Long.

Watch for pot hole on West side of taxiway/runway intersection aswell as at the end of 25. Hump in the middle.

No fuel available for purchase. 5 Minute car ride from Mall, Restaurants, etc.

Friendly environment. Good Location, beautiful scenery.

Hope to see you there!

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