Gananoque Airport

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Video of runway conditions

August 2017 (I think the order is Runway 24, 12, then 36):

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Tundra ultralight

Hello, is there an Tundra ultralight, 2 seats tandem (Laron Aviation Technologies) ?

Thank you,

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Hoping to fly in there today.

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Airport Manager

The Airport Manager (and Dropzone Operator) is Tom McCarthy, one of the finest and friendliest people you could meet in aviation. Buy him a coffee and he could tell you volumes about the history of the place.

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no winter maintenance

shows o winter maintenance. Lookig to see if it is open at all in the winter. Will check cfs or notams.

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World War II history

During the second world war, Gananoque (pronounced "gan-an-AH-kway") was a relief landing field for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) No. 31 school in nearby Kingston. It has had little modification since, and still maintains the classic BCATP triangular shape (with three runways so that taildraggers could always land into the wind) and, I believe, some of the original World War II structures.

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There is a lot of skydiving at Gananoque, so it's important to keep a sharp eye out if you're landing here.

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