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Good runway conditions (summer 2020)

I flex into Alexandria just after 9:00 am today. It was my first visit in over 15 years. I checked NOTAMs beforehand for paradrops, and monitored the frequency from about 20 min to to confirm there wasn't any activity.

The grass runway is mowed nice and short, but the ground underneath is slightly unevenβ€”not dangerously so, but you'll do a bit of dune-buggy-style bouncing over the undulations on landing, even at minimum speed, so keep the yoke back in your lap after landing in a nosedragger.

It was firm and dry, though, and even without a headwind to help, my 160 hp PA-28 needed only a bit over half of the 2,200 ft for landing and for takeoff (after backtracking).

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I presently own a Piper Cherokee PA-28 140, with a private pilot license. I am looking to buy a Piper Saratoga Turbo in the US and would like to train on one now so I can get current in this model and can bring it back. I am going in Rochester New York, on May 18, to get my American Pilot License. I have a night rating and I am within a coupe of hours to get my VFROTT.

I would be interested in renting a Saratoga or maybe if no Saratoga are available a Piper Six. And pay for some training on it. Do you or any of your member have a Saratoga (preferably a T-Saratoga) that I could rent or inquiry for rent and training.

Alain F. Dagenais P.Eng.

1252 Notre Dame Street, P.O. Box. 160

Embrun, Ontario


Office 613-963-0700 x 223

Home 613-443-3939

Cell 613-913-1769

E-mail address

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Parachuting Club

A nice grass strip between Montreal and Ottawa. Tune and listen for para drop announcements - there is an active parachuting club here.

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