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Is this airport open ?

Seems the dirt dumping was stopped in April 2017.

Are the planes there in the hangers ?

With so much dirt being pushed around a lot would get into the hangers and on the planes.

What is the status of this airport ?

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Sure movine a lot of dirt

So can you share with us what your plans for all that dirt that is being dumped non stop on your property? Sure making life miserable for your neighbours. We love the planes using our stand of pines to land, but the dust, dirt and all the trucks is a little unbearable.

So please share your plans!

Your neighbour across the road....

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Upslope Flyers' Paradise!

You know those MS Flight Simulator airports which, due to a program error, are sitting in the bottom of a pit with vertical walls around - so you need to fly in circles to climb out or land? Volk airport looks exactly like that in reality, especially when you stand at the bottom of the pit, where both runways are crossing each other. More, the longest runway is not only upsloped both ways - it is also curved, framed with tall trees, and has a rather uneven surface!

Well the hills and slopes surrounding Volk airport are not vertical, but they still look impressive. If you are flying a Super Cub or CH 701 - visiting Volk airport will be pure fun. But if you are plowing the sky in something like a 65 hp J-3, with its engine a bit too beaten to give you the full power, and the air is hot... Uhm... I would say be very, very careful - you may not make it out.

I think that Volk airport is one of the most exciting and challenging grass strips around Toronto, and Lisa from Golden Eagle flight school (goldeneagleflightschool.com) is a very friendly and welcoming person, nice to chat with. Just get a right plane to go there, and enjoy the adventure.

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we have re- done 27 and 09 so it is now all open

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Runway Info

The main runway has a very noticeable upslope to the north. If the wind favours a northward take off don't forget to consider the slope. I would estimate (taking off to the north) the first 700-1000' is slightly downhill or level, followed by the upslope for about 1000' before it levels off again and makes a slight bend to the right.

When I landed here the wind was from the north. I was comfortable with and knew the performance of the aircraft I was flying. I chose to take off uphill into the wind, with a plan to abort and take off downhill if not airborne and climbing halfway up the hill (it would also make backtracking to the far end quicker if I had to take of downhill and downwind). The first part of the runway that was relatively flat made all the difference and I was airborne just after the upslope began. Aircraft type and power effects whether you should take off downhill/downwind or uphill/upwind. Consider your aircraft's performance and definitely have a go/no-go point in this situation.

Additionally, the buildings at the southwest corner are 30-50' above the runway, and some gravel looked to have been put/shifted onto the crosswind strip. I only took a quick look while taxiing, but I recall that the runway looked fairly unusable. Hopefully a local pilot can correct me if I am wrong. If you are planning to use the crosswind strip I would call the operator to ensure it is usable or make a low pass or two to check the runway condition.

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