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Learning to Fly at CSE4

I just started my PPL at CSE4 and the staff is super friendly and welcoming! The food is great and the service is super professional! I was shocked to hear english when I came through the doors! Nothing but positive comments to say about this friendly airport! Beautiful scenery around the airfield and tons of pilots to talk too!

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Growing friendly airport

I have been stationned here since 1994. It is nice to witness a municipal airport in Quebec that is open to bilingualism, not threatened by land-grabing developpers and supported by its town. To wit the explosion of red-roofed hangars over the last 10 years... There has been a change in the management of the airport, restaurant and flying school but it has led to more growth and little change in the service, so all good news. On weekend during the swing seasons, be prepared to encounter some glider activities but the traffic is wide enough and there are no real overflight restrictions that would cause a safety hazard. As for English not being used, I fly in both languages and I have never noticed...

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Great food!

Flew three friends here from Rockcliffe CYRO for lunch. It was a Friday, about 1:30, when I arrived.

Very busy - there were helicopter arrivals and departures, as well as lots of movements of SE fixed wing. The flying club / restaurant is at the east end of the runway (no taxiway), and there were several overshoots due to traffic not having yet cleared the runway (CSE4 uses R28 whenever possible, which results in less backtracking that R10).

No issues with language - lots of english in the circuit, with some french.

And the food!!! I had a simple club sandwich, and it was tasty beyond belief. With a ton of well-cooked frend fries. Those that had the smoked meat sandwich also raved about the food.

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