Montreal / Les Cèdres Airport

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Picture of david

The runway's not as bad as it looks

The runway looks like a patchwork quilt of different shades of asphalt when you're on approach, but the surface is actually fine.

If you're VFR, note that you need to stay below 2,000 ft MSL unless you talk to Montreal Terminal (and they're often too busy to talk much, though they try to accomodate). The land is flat, there are no high towers in the area, and there are fields for emergency landing in every direction, so it's not really a problem flying around at 1,500 ft until you're out from under the class C shelf.

Picture of thesilverflyer

Great little airport

just off the island of montreal, used more as a flight training school, but lots of private owners use it as well.

if you are looking to refuel fly 20mins west to cornwall regional, gas prices are cheaper because of less tax.

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