Kingston Norman Rogers Airport

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The staff is great but building is old

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Great Service

Recently had a flight booked to Edmonton via Kingston, Toronto, Calgary and finally Edmonton. Upon check in, the staff voluntarily did a search for options and were successful in booking us on a more direct flight to Edmonton. As a result we arrived Edmonton 2 hours earlier. The staff at this small airport is friendly and accommodating. You can't beat the service at small airports! Thank you and thanks to Big Al from the flying club!

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Get some competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to travel to Kingston from Calgary: It costs $250 to fly to Toronto and then Air Canada charges $246 for a 35 min flight to Kingston because they can!

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Porter airlines

I think it would be in the best interest to have porter fly into Kingston. I have many corporate colleges that are wondering why they cannot fly into kingston from Toronto, Montreal and as far as that goes from down east as well. I think it is about time this should be entertained.


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Historic Exhibits

Once upon a time there were several exhibit panels detailing historic moments in aeronautical history in Kingston. They were very interesting. For some reason they were removed and I gather are now in storage. Why? They should be remounted and, frankly, in a more public area than just the security-closed-off departure lounge.

On a related matter - yes, Porter should fly into Kingston. I would make far greater use of our local airport if I could get into downtown Toronto directly. Flying into Pearson and then paying $50+ to get downtown (one way) is why I now take VIA, despite having to put up with commuting times that are much longer.

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re: flights to Toronto Island airport

Porter is the only airline flying scheduled service into Toronto Island right now (January 2011). They have added flights to Sudbury, so it might be worth getting in touch with them and seeing if they think there might be a market for a daily flight to Kingston as well.

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flights to Toronto Island airport

Please tell me why on earth in this day and age you do not have regular commuter flights between Kingston and Downtown Toronto and/or Montreal. So many people I know who travel for work, including my husband, would fly weekly to and from Kingston over taking the train. Kingston is a wonderful place to live and having that access would be such a big draw for those who don't wish to live in the big city but must resort to working there.

We live in Kingston and I wouldn't change that for anything, but, I loose my husband to travel every week. The excessive lost hours he has accrued between airports and train stations in the last 12 years cannot even be counted at this point. Having a Kingston to Toronto Island route could knock off an hour and a half each way.

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Central Airways

A great place to stop for fuel and parking, the staff is very helpfull !

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Fantastic GA airport

This airport is possibly the nicest GA airport I've ever been to. The Kingston flying club has free tie-downs, and they sell fuel at some of the cheapest prices in Ontario when they're open. For odd hours, the Esso has reasonable prices too. Also a very scenic airport, and very straightforward uncomplicated procedures. Highly recommend visiting Kingston.

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Student pilots

This airport is a frequent destination for student pilots cross-countries from other parts of Ontario and Quebec. It's easy to find by the lake, there are no landing or parking fees, and it has an onsite FSS to give the students a hand, fuel, a long runway, and an ILS for the IFR students. The three major flight schools in Ottawa (the Ottawa Flying Club, Ottawa Aviation Services, and the Rockcliffe Flying Club) send all of their student pilots to YGK for their first solo cross-country flights, and there will sometimes be two or three Ottawa-based training planes parked there at the same time.

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Great View

Great view of Lake Ontario & the St. Lawrence when departing to the South. Taxicab svc to downtown for good restaurants is fast & not too expensive.

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Free tie-downs for visitors

The last time I was in Kingston, they still weren't charging visitors for overnight tie-down. There are cables you can tie to on the apron in front of the Kingston Flying Club.

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