Grise Fiord Airport

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Grise Fiord Airport is not the home base for any OurAirports members. It has had 6 visitors.

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Picture of Mick11

Not the base for Borek but anyway

Borek is based in Calgary. The have an ops in iqualiut and resolute. Forget landing here in anything but a gentle breeze. Tight approach rwy 35 i think. RWY17 is for CAVOK and calm, daylight only. Takeoff is 17 only. The strip has some soft spots, a small wheeled plane could definitely end up in trouble here. I can't remember how long the strip is but less than 2000'. Seldom staffed. Drunk weather guy, drunk maintenance. Or if you are lucky they are all together absent. The most unreliable operation I have seen (possibly tied with Coral Harbor NWT or Iglooklik.) That is a place that I would be happy and relieved to here a VGM from! Pathetic operation it is.

Picture of Mick11

re: Not the base for Borek but anyway

*should read rwy 14/32

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