Hanover / Saugeen Municipal Airport

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Fixed record

Merged duplicate identifiers

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DELETE THIS. Duplicate to CYHS (CPN4) Hanover/Saugeen Munici

This is a dupe and should be deleted.

Picture of curlymoustache

Nice Airport

Seems to be very well maintained.

A very nice little restaurant with good prices.

Picture of h2o.pro

Great GA friendly airport

Super nice facilities. Terminal building is well kept with a history of the area in pictures and other nice posters and paintings.

The restaurant/cafe is nice with a very good weekend breakfast buffet.

The staff is there to help and want to make sure you remember being there.

Overall a very nice place to visit.

Picture of rstan

Excellent Facility

Nice well kept airport

Very little traffic

Self serve fuel

Nice terminal with a restaurant that is sometimes open

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