Region of Waterloo International Airport

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(no subject)

AVGAS available from Summit Fuel on Apron 2. Currently $2.63/L. Park in a space, walk inside to the flight school’s dispatch desk and speak to a dispatcher about receiving fuel. They’ll send the truck.

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767-300 parking

There might be room to park between BB BA on III-b

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Can a Boeing 767-300 land/to at CYKF and where would it park

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re: 767-300

Sure, it could land and take-off from the 7002 feet of runway. It might be restricted to less than maximum take-off weight depending on the load and temperature. As for parking, according to the Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS), the only apron it would be allowed on is number 7 (north-west corner of the airport; not shown in the satellite shot) as all other aprons are restricted to aircraft with wingspans 118 feet or less. Apron 7 is restricted to aircraft with wingspans 170 feet or less.

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No landing fee

Waterloo has eliminated its landing fee for planes with a maximum gross weight under 3,000 kg (6,614 lb).

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Avis doesn't need a deposit

For car rentals at the Waterloo airport this weekend, Hertz was sold out and National was demanding a credit-card guarantee with a $50 penalty for cancelling with less than 24 hours notice. Avis, however, let me book with no deposit and no problem.

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Waterloo-Wellington stopped selling fuel

As of 1 September 2007, the Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre stopped selling fuel, so it's available only from Flite Line.

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Fees and fuel costs

On Saturday 4 August 2007, at Flite Line Services:

Landing fee (airport): CA $7.00 + tax

Parking: CA $8.14/night + tax

100LL: CA $1.47/litre + tax

Tax is 7% GST. Flite Line collects the landing fee on behalf of the airport, so you have to pay it no matter where you park. Flite Line has a ramp fee that it waives when you take fuel, but you still have to pay the first night's parking.

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re: Car rental

Don't worry about the car rental hours (see my previous comment). National was happy to leave the keys and contract for me at the Flite Line FBO, so my arrival time didn't matter. Flite Line itself rents Hertz, but they'll handle keys for the other companies as well.

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This is a busy GA airport. Arriving on Saturday morning on a nice VFR day, tower sent me several miles on a downwind -- all the way over the city -- and then turned me number 4 for landing. Be ready to get off the runway quickly so that you don't hold up other traffic. My past two visits were during the week, when it wasn't quite so busy.

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Car rental

National and Avis rent through the public terminal, while Hertz rents through the Flite Line FBO. It was hard to get a car on the August Civic Holiday weekend -- Hertz and Avis had nothing available, and I had to guarantee a car (which is unusual) through National.

For an economy car, National charged $40/day before taxes+fees including the COPA discount. It's worth noting that the opening hours are unusual, so plan your arrival carefully (for example, National is closed from 12pm-2pm on Saturday).

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There are two FBOs on the field:

Flite Line: (off taxiway B, if I recall correctly)

Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre: (end of taxiway C)

Flite Line usually has the cheaper gas.

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Very nice field, excellent and friendly controllers.

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