Quebec Jean Lesage International Airport

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Too expensive for me

Expensive fuel and many fees. Please avoid unless you own a jet and must go to old Quebec City. If you want to visit around you are better going to Trois-Riviere and rent a car.

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Quebec Jean Lesage landing/parking fees

Parking fee for AV Jet for 2 hours was $80. Not sure if there will be an additional landing fee from the airport. As of 3/1/2015

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re: How much is Landing Fee CYQB?

Since January 2013, there is now a $20 landing fee for light GA. Just got the bill. What a jip.

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re: How much is Landing Fee CYQB?

If you are a light general aviation airplane, there are no landing fees. I go there every month or so and do pay a dime in landing fee. However, after one day at one of the FBOs, parking will run around $25/night, worth a phone call to double check.

Enjoy this beautiful city!

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How much is Landing Fee CYQB?

Anyone know? I have looked all over and I cannot find what the landing fee will be in CYQB. I am in the states and would be traveling there in June. Thanks

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FBO Notes

The Petro-T FBO also offers free parking if you fill up with them. The 100LL is 10 cents cheaper if you self-serve. Nice lounge. First ramp off Twy D.

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re: Free aircraft parking

I was thinking about flying my family from Ottawa to Quebec City in my Warrior for a couple of nights -- the free parking is excellent news.

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Free aircraft parking

The local pilot's club "Les Ailes QuΓ©bΓ©coises" welcomes transient aircraft to stay for free on their ramp for up to two nights.

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