Petawawa Airport

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Beacon YWA-------

Was listening on a sony old table radio and had modified it with preselective tuning antenna input from a 80 meter inverted Vee at 70feet. I could hear either a modulated tone or a hetrodyne tone and copied the YWA. I looked it up on yahoo and found that it is coming from Petawawa in Canada. Cool. I then hooked up my DX-400 Shortwave digital tuning reciever and went to 515khz. and recieve the message of YWA again. It was a little weak but very easy to copy. I am located in Gladstone, Michigan in the U.P. My call letters are WB8FUW.

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Beacon at 516 KHz

Very good copy on beacon YWA on 516 KHz in Canton Ohio

Paul NC8W

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Strong but sudden deep fading

Loud and clear but with sudden deep fading on 25 May 2016. Using AM MW portion ( tunes below 535khz) of a Kenwood 9r-590 and 80m dipole.

YWA is not too far for nighttime ground wave from my location at FN04fc (Newmarket, ontario)

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Petawawa NDB (YWA)

I just wanted to state that I've also bin able to hear YWA even in the warmer months, although not as often and not as strong as in the Winter. Additionally, in the warmer months there is usually lightening strike noise to contend with. I monitor 516 kHz several times each night for YWA and about one every two weeks or so in the warmer months I cam hear it. More frequently I hear NAVTEX in 518 coming through all year round. I monitor YWA for year round MF propagation study. 73, George N2CG

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I heard the NDB this morning 6/6/15 at 0818z on 520KHz from St. Johns, Michigan (grid locator EN73) 520 is as low as I can get my cheapie grundig receiver to go. -Todd KB8OYR

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Military Aerodrome

A point that I haven't seen on the page for Petawawa is the fact that this is a Military Aerodrome inside a restricted area, and as such, it is not open to civilian traffic. Services are available at Pembroke, but not here. As well, there is a large amount of Military helicopter traffic in the area. Traffic information is available through Petawawa Advisory.

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Petawawa NDB (YWA) Heard Back on the Air Again!

Thanks @prattsoplenty for information. I’ve been monitoring 516 kHz several times each evening before midnight in hopes of hearing “YWA” again I’m happy to report that on March 2, 2014 at 9:40 PM EST I heard “YWA” on the air for the first time in about two months of silence! I monitor “YWA” for medium frequency radio wave propagation study. Thanks again 73, George N2CG

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Re: Petawawa NDB (YWA) Not Heard Since beginning of 2014

There are no current NOTAMs (Notice To AirMen) listing the NDB off the air but there was one in January. CYWA PETAWAWA YWA- NDB 516 U/S 1401101604 TIL 1401312359. Looks like it dropped off the air on January 10th and was scheduled to be fixed by the end of the month.

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Petawawa NDB (YWA) Not Heard Since beginning of 2014

Beginning in the early Fall to early Spring every year about and hour after sunset in Northern New Jersey I hear Petawawa NDB "YWA" on 516 kHz almost every evening dependng of propagation conditions. About the first week of January 2014 was the last time I've heard YWA. Is it off the air for maintenance or is it off the air for good. I sent and email to Petawawa Airport a few weeks ago but so far have not received any reply. If anyone knows what happened to YWA please post your reply here. Thanks & 73 George N2CG

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Beacon on 516 KHz

Very strong beacon in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. YWA on 516 KHZ.

Happy Trails!

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