Aviosuperficie Leonardo da Vinci.

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Aviosuperficie Leonardo da Vinci. is not the home base for any OurAirports members. It has had 2 visitors.

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Aviosuperficie Leonardo da vinci

WARNINGS: 100 m high chimney on the ground with high intensity flashing lights, reported in AIP, north of the

extension of runway 24 axis.. Traffic pattern to be carried out only south of the airfield. Presence of UL activity.

OTHER INFO hangar and parking price: 10 € landing fee: none staff available on: always

SERVICES fuel availability: Lead-free nearest gas station: 1 km bar: yes

TOURING hotel: Agriturismo 2 km from the airfield agritourism: yes tourist facilities and places of interest: Ticino


Picture of Pugliapilot

Aviosuperficie Leonardo da Vinci.

the name of the original runway is not CLASIC AIRFIELD but LEONARDO DA VINCI I have updated and corrected the name, plus it used to be classified as (campo di volo) today it is classified as (aviosuperficie) so both U.L.M. ultralight and G.A. general aviation aircraft can land there or updated the runway data.

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