Clearwater Air Park

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Tampa Bay Aviation - KCLW - Clearwater Airpark

Wanted to note the Airpark-KCLW has no ATC and only operates until 11 Pm and reopens at sunrise the following day..

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Clearwater Airpark

Clearwater Airpark averages <200 flights a day. It is close to KPIE, Clearwater-ST Pete International and Albert Whited-KSPG. Both the other airports are Class D. Having them in such a close proximity makes it nice for T and G's while getting experience dealing with ATC. They just added AWOS, 118.925 MHz and Phone: (813)-251-6824. There is a flight school there operated by a nice young couple and everyone there is friendly. They have approx. (1) R-66, (3) R-44's and several R-22's. They have dual engine and singles from a Cessna 150 (only $80/hr wet!) to a SR-22 with Garmin G-1000. They also have 172's with G-1000"s The Airport also has Maintenance and the FBO sells AVGAS and Jet fuel. Airport is equipped with VASI and uses Uni-com on 123.000 MHz. Very friendly folks all the way around at Flight School and FBO! The noise issues have been "toned down". and watch out for KTPA's Class B Airspace. NOISE ABATEMENT PROCEDURES IN EFFECT CTC FBO 727-443-3433

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This place has major noise issues and limitations. The old story of build an airport in the sticks then high-end homes go up around it. Flew here to visit a friend after taking up flying again; took three tries to get the plane down (high approach speed and C-172 floaaaat - luckily I had enough sense to go around twice). I had not flown in decades, did a long review, and rented a plane but still needed a lot more practice. I am about 40 - 50 hrs further along now and much better.

Don't get me wrong, tho. The FBO is very nice and the folks there are friendly!

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