Memphis International Airport

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Memphis Airport - an okay place.

Spent three hour layover at Memphis International Airport - Home of FEDEX. This was a really simple place to navigate and, for an airport, it was immaculate. I have seldom seen such shiny floors. Restrooms were all clean and well serviced. I have heard lots of negative things about Memphis so I was not looking forward to this stop. Fortunately they were mostly myths. The only real negatives were the Delta employees. Everyone to the man seemed to have a chip on their shoulder. Snippy to the point of RUDE. But...that was only Delta employees. Everyone else was unusually polite and friendly. Shopping was pretty good for an airport and there were many varieties of food vendors. All in all, not a bad time I will fly someone other than Delta.

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New control tower

The FAA has started building a new 336-foot control tower for the Memphis airport, close to the existing one -- it will be finished in 2011:

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