Plattsburgh International Airport

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IFR clearance

Plattsburgh is uncontrolled, but for an IFR clearance before taking offyou can call Burlington Clearance Delivery on 121.7 MHz.

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Fees and cookies

I came into the airport on a diversion to get out of icing. For a piston single, Sheltair collects a $7.50 landing fee and a $4.50 parking fee on behalf of Clinton County (the airport owner), and they can't be waived (the parking fee was for a one-hour stop). On the bright side, they gave me a fuel discount that amounted to over $12, which is pretty-much the same as waiving the fee.

The FBO staff is extremely friendly -- asked if I needed a ride into town, drove me to and from my plane, and had free bakery-quality chocolate cookies ready and waiting. If you don't object to the fees (which aren't the FBO's fault), it's a nice place to stop.

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"Montreal's US airport"

Plattsburgh International (a former air force base) is 100 km from downtown Montreal (Canada), and draws heavily on Montreal for its airline business. Several carriers, including Allegiant and Xtra, offer flights to destinations like Myrtle Beach, SC and Niagara Falls, NY. General aviation has moved here from nearby Clinton County (PLB), which has mostly shut down.

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