Aubenas-Ardèche Méridional Airport

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during seasonal wilds fires, priority use of airport is for "Protection civile" fire aircrafts: CL215, Q400 and so on

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Gas station open from S/S to S/R 7/7

night O/R

AUB beacon definitely U/S

GNSS procedure envisaged further

LDG lights for night VFR, perhaps in 2014

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Gas station & restaurant

The new gas station is fully operational:

100LL and JET

Open every week days.

Close on saturday, sunday and holyday.

From november, open every day

Beacon AUB 427 khz U/S since july

"Le Pélican": the restaurant is open every day except on wednesday (33)(0)4 7593 54 45

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re: AUB Beacon and fuel

Does anyone have the latitude and longitude for the AUB NDB? I'd like to add it to the database, if I can confirm it.

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AUB Beacon and fuel

AUB 427 Khz is still working, I've used it this morning.

Fuel (Jet and 100 LL) will arrive with some delay: now for end of september


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AUB 427KHz beacon breakdown ?

AUB 427KHz beacon is not working anymore since may, any information about it ? i've emailed one of the responsible of the commercial chamber but got no news.

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re: Refueling both planes and pilots

Reply to @Luco67: As we intend to fly to Aubenas this week-end, i would apreciate if i can get some recent news about refueling facilities at the airport. Many tnanks. Marc from Luxembourg

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Refueling both planes and pilots

Since 2 months w've got a restaurant and snack on our field.

And, coming soon during july, a brand new gas station with 100LL and Jet.

Around the field you'll find many bed'n breakfast, and so on.

To join a member of AVL AirClub: 04 75 93 42 08

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During 2012 year, we hope to have both re opening of the fuel station (with credit cards, 100LL, JET and 95UL) and the restaurant.

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AUB 427 psn

A/D psn: N044°32'22" E004°22'18"

AUB 427 Khz psn: N044°26,5' E004°21,7' 184°/5,9NM from airfield

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re: beacon

Reply to @Luco67: thanks for that information. Do you know the latitude and longitude of the AUB beacon?

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windy conditions

by windy conditions, be carefull on landing due to whirlwinds on each rwy

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beacon AUB 427 khz still working, no ADF app in use

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frequency, food, fuel

frequency: 119,85

no fuel (100LL or Jet) available for the time

no restaurant (a new one is expected)

PCL out of service

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