NOTAMS for João Paulo II Airport

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM A2726/24: João Paulo II Airport (LPPD)

A2726/24 NOTAMN Q) LPPO/QOBXX/IV/M /AE/000/002/3744N02540W001 A) LPPD B) 2407250724 C) 2408011200 E) AIP SUP 045/2024 - LPPD AD - CRANE ERECTED, IS HEREBY CANCELLED. CREATED: 25 Jul 2024 07:24:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM A2701/24: João Paulo II Airport (LPPD)

A2701/24 NOTAMN Q) LPPO/QOBCE/IV/M /A /000/999/3745N02542W005 A) LPPD B) 2407241610 C) 2408112359 EST E) OBST - CRANE ERECTED AT POSITION 374404.08N 0253948.87W. OPERATING RADIUS 80M, HEIGHT 92M/ELEVATION 96M. DAY AND NIGHT SIGNALIZED. CREATED: 24 Jul 2024 16:11:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM A0123/24: João Paulo II Airport (LPPD)

A0123/24 NOTAMN Q) LPPO/QSBAH/IV/BO /A /000/999/3745N02542W005 A) LPPD B) 2401121135 C) 2412312359 EST E) ATS REPORTING OFFICE AND AIS-AD OPERATIONAL HOURS OF SERVICE ARE NOW 08:00-15:00 (07:00-14:00). CREATED: 12 Jan 2024 11:35:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN