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I have flown in and out of Springbank a few times in the last couple years and found the ATC to be consistantly surly so it seems to be more a culture of attitude toward GA. I fly C space around alberta quit a bit and have flown literally across Canada bumping controlled space frequently, I've never experienced anything near as bad as Springbank ATC. After the first couple bouts with Springbank ATC I asked an instructor at the local school, a recently retired Airline pilot who flys recreationally as well AND NavCanada rep at a rust remover for an interpretation of the Northern approach instructions to Springbank; all provided a different interpretation. I use Spring Bank to commute to meetings in Calgary so my choices are limited. I'll start carrying a bottle of Mydol in the plane and when they get snotty with me again I'll give it to the women (with deep voices) in the tower.

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