Comment "re: Close to Edmonton and price of fuel" on Edmonton / Cooking Lake Airport, Canada

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re: Close to Edmonton and price of fuel

I hope that good things do come of the change and maybe some upgrades, I have heard that they have increased prices on aircraft parking (almost double) and that a couple of aircraft may have left already. I am not currently in province so am not using this airport, but would love to see it thrive especially in light of YXD fore coming closure (my anger on this is a different matter) and the things I have read about ZVL. It would be nice now that the lake is receding if some land could be reclaimed and the runway and the taxiway extended. I know Cooking Lake Aviation has/had a legal GPS approach, but believe it is restricted, if the condo board could get that for general access.... Some Jet A1 would be good as I have seen a couple of turbines operate out of there.

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