Edmonton / Cooking Lake Airport

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Cooking lake Airport is developing lots for up to 20 new han

In October 2013, the airport began construction of 3 new taxiways and access roads for 20 new hangar lots. The airport has been there since 1926 and just keeps getting better - its a casual, fun and friendly place to hang out with fellow flyers.

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Close to Edmonton and price of fuel

Cooking Lake Airport has now been transfered to the Condo association. We are expecting good things to come of this to breath new life into this airport. With the city center airport closing it is very well situated for anyone flying to/from Edmonton, Sherwood Park or Leduc. No Jet A. AvGas is $1.60 while City Center is $2.01/l.

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re: Close to Edmonton and price of fuel

I hope that good things do come of the change and maybe some upgrades, I have heard that they have increased prices on aircraft parking (almost double) and that a couple of aircraft may have left already. I am not currently in province so am not using this airport, but would love to see it thrive especially in light of YXD fore coming closure (my anger on this is a different matter) and the things I have read about ZVL. It would be nice now that the lake is receding if some land could be reclaimed and the runway and the taxiway extended. I know Cooking Lake Aviation has/had a legal GPS approach, but believe it is restricted, if the condo board could get that for general access.... Some Jet A1 would be good as I have seen a couple of turbines operate out of there.

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re: Close to Edmonton and price of fuel

Cooking Lake Airport is now being operated by the hanger owners at Cooking Lake. The owners took over the airport from Edmonton Airports on October 1, 2012. The airport does not receive any grants from local (Strathcona) or provincial governments - unlike many of the other airports across the country. The airport is home to 73 hangers and around 200 aircraft. There is a new website for the airport - cookinglakeairport.com

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Party Place?

We went out to check out the facilities at the aerodrome. There were a bunch of miscreants recovering from their party in the parking lot amongst the private hangars and business. Beer cans and underwear (no kidding) strewn all over. I'd be wary if I had a private aircraft out there.

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Radio Comms

This is a message to the instructors at Cooking Lake: Teach your students how to use the radio properly! Quit yammering on the ATF all damn day. Other people use that frequency, you know!

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