Comment "Worth the trip for the Fish & Chips" on Killarney Airport, Canada

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Worth the trip for the Fish & Chips

Make sure you check their website about fuel availability as it isn't constant.

There is a $5 landing fee, if the attendant is there you pay him, otherwise it's on the honour system. They're trying to raise funds to redo the runway and they are currently at 150K / 990K, so don't be a jerk, and make sure you pay even if there is no one collecting.

Call Herberts and they'll pick you up and drop you off, though the walk isn't too bad ~1.5Km.

It's a very popular fly in spot so you can expect a fair bit of traffic. Communicate on the radio and keep an eye out!

You can also get fuel at Manitoulin East or Parry Sound, which are a bit cheaper.

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