Killarney Airport

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Landing fee

Landing fee is now#10.00

Picture of Niss

Worth the trip for the Fish & Chips

Make sure you check their website about fuel availability as it isn't constant.

There is a $5 landing fee, if the attendant is there you pay him, otherwise it's on the honour system. They're trying to raise funds to redo the runway and they are currently at 150K / 990K, so don't be a jerk, and make sure you pay even if there is no one collecting.

Call Herberts and they'll pick you up and drop you off, though the walk isn't too bad ~1.5Km.

It's a very popular fly in spot so you can expect a fair bit of traffic. Communicate on the radio and keep an eye out!

You can also get fuel at Manitoulin East or Parry Sound, which are a bit cheaper.

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Great spot

Runway is in decent condition. About 5 min. after shutting down I saw a black bear cross the runway. Fish and Chips in town are a must. They will shuttle you to and from for free. Be aware there is now a $5 landing fee. Its nothing, but be aware of it.

Picture of jasmantle

Terrific little airport, great scenery

My wife and I were flying from Rockcliffe CYRO to Manitoulin Island CYEM, but flight planned to stop here first for lunch at the Killarney Mountain Lodge. I also filled up with 100LL here, expecting gas would be more expensive on the Island (it wasn't). Beware the radio/etc towers around the field - maintain proper patterns and altitudes and there will be no problems. The waters of Georgian Bay are a beautiful blue-green from the air, and the people of Killarney are extremely friendly. We phoned the Killarney Mountain Lodge, and they came out and picked us up for lunch, then brought us back to the airport. See the NOTAMs for the phone numbers and hours for gas at the field (things are a bit more slow-paced in God's country). Gas is somewhat expensive, no landing fees, and they have a donation box if you choose (the federal and provincial governments provide no funds to this airport). Very good tie down area.

Picture of Niss

Oh My God, the fish!

I was there yesterday (July 3/11). No real terminal and no staff for fuel. Call ahead or make sure you have enough for a return trip. When you get there, there is a little box attached to the 'terminal' with the guest book. Inside this box is the phone number for Herberts fish & chips. They will gladly come pick you up and drop you off! There are 2 towers on the NW side of the field and a smaller one on the South side to be aware of. This is kind of remote so a walk into town is necessary or arrange something with this fish and chip guys or the local outfitters. And Lord Thundering Jesus the fish! The best fish and chips ever! Yesterday they had fresh whitefish that they catch themselves. They are a fresh fish market that also batters and fries them so you know you are getting the freshest and the best.

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Home of the famous fish and chips

About a 25 minute walk from the airport is the famous Herberts Fisheries where you'll get probably the freshest fish and chips you'll ever have. People come from far and wide. But be ready to wait up to an hour for your food. Well worth a visit.

Picture of david

Fuel stop?

I'm thinking of using Killarney as a fuel stop between Ottawa and Sault Ste. Marie.

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