Comment "Oh My God, the fish!" on Killarney Airport, Canada

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Oh My God, the fish!

I was there yesterday (July 3/11). No real terminal and no staff for fuel. Call ahead or make sure you have enough for a return trip. When you get there, there is a little box attached to the 'terminal' with the guest book. Inside this box is the phone number for Herberts fish & chips. They will gladly come pick you up and drop you off! There are 2 towers on the NW side of the field and a smaller one on the South side to be aware of. This is kind of remote so a walk into town is necessary or arrange something with this fish and chip guys or the local outfitters. And Lord Thundering Jesus the fish! The best fish and chips ever! Yesterday they had fresh whitefish that they catch themselves. They are a fresh fish market that also batters and fries them so you know you are getting the freshest and the best.

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