Santa Fe Province, Argentina

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can not see heliport

I can not see a visible structure for a heliport, maybe on grass, but not near a swimming pool

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El circuito de tránsito se efectuará exclusivamente al OESTE del RCL 01/19.


330247S 0603549W 2,5 KM ENE ALVEAR 26 M 85 FT

RWY: 01/19 769x30 M Tierra.

Normas Generales:

Las OPS VFR deberán ajustarse a lo establecido en el ANEXO BRAVO.

Normas Particulares:

Por encontrarse debajo del TMA la altura máxima en el circuito de

tránsito será de 1500 FT excepto que se obtenga el permiso de

tránsito de la dependencia de control de tránsito aéreo


Servicios: AVGAS 100 LL

Teléfono/Fax: (0341) 4929801 / (0341) 15-5812654 (Jefe AD)

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how to delete an airport

how can I delete the airport, because it doesn't exist

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The airport doesn't exist

the airport doesn't exist

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re: Circulo de aviacion Airclub.

Good morning I wonder if you can get the kml of airports and ports of the Republic Argentina or South America, is the purpose of a work of natural disasters in the region from now thank you very much my mail is

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Circulo de aviacion Airclub.


daniel druker. pilot

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