Upper Austria, Austria

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fantastic airport !

Landing was 8 EUR for Diamond DV20.

Park next to super restaurant - speciality - Snitzel !! Don't miss it !

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very nice airport !

Landing was 12 EUR for Diamond DV20. Nice briefing room !

Restaurant looks nice but it's closed on Wednesday. Of course I came in on Wednesday :)

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Yearly Event

This water landing area is active once a year for the Scalaria Airchallenge, a European floatplane fly-in and airshow.

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This is my homebase

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World Rally and Precision Flying Championships, July 2008

The 18th World Rally Flying Championship and the 16th World Precision Flying Championship will be held here from 13-26 July 2008. Here's the site, in German:


And here are the rules, in English (PDF):


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