Tyrol, Austria

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New NDB - RUM 320 kHz

RUM 320 on air March 2017 Rwy 26. 47 16 33 N, 011 27 54 E

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Transfer use for Alps.

Transfer use for Alps.

alpstaxi dot net

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I found it very cold, I think their air con was on full or something?!

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it was nice and warm

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Hi there,

We would like to go to your airport. I want a information from landing and parking prices if possible. Can you send me info?

Many thank for help!

Capt. Erik Sz. from Hungary

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re: communication frequencies St.Johann

Added as "CTAF" -- thanks.

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communication frequencies St.Johann


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rescue flights

rescue flights could be based there (OEAMTC C4 needs a new helibase!)

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Webpage Airport

Check out Lienz-Nikolsdorf Airports webpage:


also available in English.

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