Hainaut Province, Belgium

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Chimay code

Chimay-Saint Remy ICAO code is/was EBCS

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As of 2017 it DOES seem to be closed, at least it no more figures in the Belgian AIP.

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re: Any information??

Apologies for my previous comment (mr admin, could you remove it?)

EBCS Saint Remy appears to be alive and kicking, but it is indeed an ULM-only field. And for an ULM-field, it is not that bad:

06 / 24 Gras 200 m x 50 m – 060° / 240° - Beschikbare lengte :312 m

15 / 33 Gras 350 m x 50 m - 150° / 330° - Beschikbare lengte : 396 m

( info from the "ULIP" on www.fed-ulm.be )

Very little accomodation, though: no workshop, no resto, no bar, fuel and oil only on request.

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Any information??

Is there any info. about this airfield? It looks short

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