Liège Province, Belgium

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Water sources

(via @Olivier_Moens)

And just for the fact, the water source in Spa is just... Spa . Chaudfontaine is another water source in the village of Chaudfontaine 10 miles away ;-)

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Mon aéroport de départ principal

Nous aimons bien cet aéroport il est pas loin de chez nous facilement accessible mais il n'y a pas tout les vols que nous souhaiterions hélas donc parfois nous sommes obligés de partir d un autre aéroport

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the Belgian hillside

This is likely the highest airfield location in Belgium. Beware of the windflaws in final. There's always lors of activities over here. It is a tourist spot as well. Enjoy a Chaudfontaine water !

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Airport data

Owner :Mr Born

Altenbroek, 358

B - 3798 's Gravenvoeren

Tel:++32 (0) 4 381 06 00

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helistrip Data

ELEV (m / ft)= 120 / 394

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cargo airlines

It would be of interrest to have a list with all cargo-carriers

represented at Liege Airport



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