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Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales is a not a good airport, the line streched out of the airport and it took us 2 hours to get to the plane.

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Santiago Airport

I was flying LATAM from Puerto Natales, Chile and It was surprising how fast it was! We landed and the taxi was only 5 minutes, getting off the plane and the walk was long to baggage claim. Then we got some more Chilean Pesos and we went on our way.

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re: Aproximação

Reply to @HighTech: Compreendo que esteja animado para visitar Santiago e experimentar a beleza do aeroporto. No entanto, gostaria de lembrar que o uso de simuladores de voo, como o FSX, é apenas uma representação virtual da experiência de voar e pode não refletir com precisão a realidade.

Ao visitar Santiago, certifique-se de estar ciente das restrições de viagem atuais e de seguir as diretrizes de saúde e segurança relacionadas à pandemia COVID-19. Também é importante estar ciente das leis e regulamentos locais e respeitá-los durante sua estadia.

Santiago é uma cidade vibrante e emocionante, com muitas coisas para ver e fazer. Certifique-se de planejar sua visita com antecedência e aproveitar ao máximo sua experiência na cidade.

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Actual coordinates

-41.051666 -73.351110

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Long Walk

We had a very long walk to get back to the same gate we arrived at. We had a 2 hour layover while the Air Canada Boeing 777 was being cleaned. Deplaning ramp took us to the arrivals level and to get to the departures level for the same gate it must have been at least 2 km and we had to go past the retail stores and through security just to get to the upper level to re-enter the same aircraft. Maybe this sort of thing will be rectified when the new terminal now under construction gets finished.

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Not Villarrica airport

Villarrica Airport is 14.25 km west of the above location, 3 km south of the city of Villarrica.

39° 18' 55" S 72° 13' 45" W

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Misplace Location on Windyty for SHLC

SHLC (-34.384 S, -79.751 W) is located on Windyty in the Pacific Ocean, near Juan Fernandez island. It's correct location is on the continent in Santiago Chile.

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(no subject)

Closed airport? When looking in Google Earth it seems like this disappears between 2007 and 2010. (Now a tree plantation)?

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NDB donde dice frecuencia 327 debe decir 372.

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Ainda vou visitar Santiago, é lindo este aeroporto, pelo menos vou fazendo assim, no fo FSX, He he

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Valley to the West

Very Good fun flying up the valley to the left... Welcome to Topgun should be a sign at the begining of it

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Excelente escenarario

la mejora respecto el original en X-plane 10 es total.

Muchas gracias desde Barcelona (Spain)

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ESte punto esta mal ubicado en el mapa

the coordinates of this heliport are wrong this is not his real location this point is 200 km aprox south of his real location in the city of viña del mar

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SCEL - Living Space

Very low ceilings on the way to/from the gates, kind of suffocating. Hardly any mechanical escalators to/from the gates.

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re: Mansel closed

Thanks for the comment. I don't see any sign of an active airport in the satellite picture, so I've marked it as "closed" for now, unless I find any new information.

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Mansel closed

Mansel airport has been closed for ever.

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La Chimba airport does not exist anymore

La Chimba airport does not actually exist anymore. It has now been converted to a housing estate. A few of the buildings and taxiways are still evident but no runway.

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Marco Davison Bascur

Mi abuelo!

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RUNWAY 17---110.30---173º

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RUNWAY 2---109.90---017º

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RUNWAY 26---VFR---260º

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RUNWAY 35---110.10---352º

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New Airport

I just landend on this quite new airport (Dec. 16, 2007). Only LAN and the less known Sky Airline operate flights to CPO (official three-letter-code). The airport is small and efficient. No airbridges.

The old airport - known as Copiapo/Chamonte was about 30 miles to the East, closer to Copiapo. If you search for CPO in Google Earth, you can still see the old airport.

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Cochrane es uno de los pueblos mas hermosos que conozco y su aeropuerto me dejo muchos recuerdos!

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que recuerdos

Ahí hice mi primer viaje en avión!

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me encanta ese aeropuerto!

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