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Security Check point

On August 11, 2012 our group of 26 scuba divers were subjected to excessive screening. One employee at the screening area was a man in his sixties by the name of Dorrell Potter or Porter. He was very rude, aggressive, nasty, confrontational, and down right obnoxious. We were there around 2 PM local time connecting from Cayman Brac to continue on to Miami. I must say, he left a very sour taste in my mouth. If this is how Caymanians want to treat us, we can just go travel somewhere else. We had already gone through a complete search of our bags in Cayman Brac that I have never encountered anywhere else in all my travels. If they are trying to tell us we are not welcome, message noted. This one man harrassed half of our group and was annoying enough to make me think of never travelling there again.

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Cayman Airways

Our base for now...great new job on the 737.