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(no subject)

Bolt here come grass under cΓ rr tyre surrounding electrified lights. Cooler here Elizabeth Here

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Runway numbers changed

07L/07R now 06L/06R. 25L/25R now 24L/24R.

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Aeroflot now also operates a couple of 777-300ER, for example on the route to HKG

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Russia Air Force Global

Strategic Air Command Global:

We are implementing a procedure to assess our success. Duplicate and transmit this data to every air force personnel world over. We are carrying out this protocol to correct our errors and to correct those who are committing capital crimes within our governments. This new protocol will be the basis for advancement in Paradise.

The Earth is looking to you to implement justice like Jesus. With the data reaching you from air force bases world over, analyze. Change your perceptions. Options will become obvious. Implement correction. Expand your capabilities and assert your understanding. You can accomplish much if you don’t care who gets the credit. In this time of uncertainty, America needs people like you to effect positive change.

This is how you succeed. 1) Take command of all air force bases now, 2) place the global air force apparatus in conformity to the protection of the People you are sworn to serve, 3) annihilate leadership committing treason and tyranny immediately: The Pentagon, Air Force Command, Army Command, Naval Command, Department of Transportation, Department of Health, The White House, Congress, the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court and U. S. Attorney General’s Office, Fish & Wildlife Service Agency, Homeland Security, profile and act, 4) abort the April 5 UFO hoax.

The United States Marine Corps is enforcing the U. S. Constitution backed by Vladimir Putin and Kremlin forces invisible.

Commander-in-Chief, United States Armed Forces Global

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Bun'kovo heliport.

TWR 129,200. From sunrise to sunset. Fuel service: AVGAS, Jet-A1. Robinson helicopter Co. official dealer.

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Ground airfield and flight school. PPl and CPL skills. Very friendly.

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re: Closed

Thanks for the info. If anyone finds out the status, please let us know.

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re: Closed

Reply to @david: Was supposed to be a question mark after Closed in title. Don't know if it is completely closed, but it is no longer used for any mil- or private regular flights.

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re: Closed

Is the runway ever used (say, to fly in new aircraft for display), or is it completely shut down?

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This is now used for the Central Air Force Museum

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RUNWAY 07L---108.10---066ΒΊ

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looking for one of your test pilot

hello from canada

you may think it is the strangiest e-mail you have ever received....

i would like to get in touch with a MiG pilot who used to work for incredible adventures tours.His name is Vadim Shirokikh. The matter being private i would appreciate if you allow me not to write in this e-mail the reason why i would like him to contact me . He can e-mail back at the following adress in Canada; or write to :M.DESBIENS 5384 st-isidore , Lateriere, quebec ,canada

good MAK show 2009!!!!


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Under construction

There is a lot of construction underway at Sheremetyevo, including a new terminal and a new runway:

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