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Rude, rude, rude

Consistently rude and incompetent service

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re: Lost luggage

I was obliged to let my luggage loaded inside the aircraft of Kenya airways whereas l wanted to keep it with me as hand luggage as allowed on my ticket in business class. It was from Kigali to Paris with stop in Nairobia for transfer... l was surprised to have my luggage missing at my arrival this morning with no news on where it could be...the thing is that's the second times l have to do with a missing luggage with Kenya airways. I will be travelling tomorrow from Paris to Casablanca and urgently need my luggage

I've been told by Air France which l bought my ticket from that there is no news on where my luggage could be and that l should wait until they found it...

Please, with the reliable security systems in place at the airport of Kigali, it would help a lot if l could have any information proving that the luggage left Kigali in the plane KQ444 of 3rd December 2016.


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Duty Free not EU compliant

I have just flown to Amsterdam from Kigali for a connecting flight. They wouldn't let me take the Duty Free I bought at Kigali to my next flight and threw it away. This is because Kigali did not seal the bag properly. This is such a waste and I wonder how many other passengers suffered the same.

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I was flying from kigali on the 23rd of july and unfortunately it ruined my holiday because of the discrimination against muslim women at the airport. There were 3 of us and we were all wearing the islamic black gown. When we passed the security check for hand-luggage we all passed through the machine without it beeping and yet we were all checked physically by the female officer there. I do not understand why we were physically checked and yet the machine did not beep. Other women were not physically checked if the machine did not beep. This is discrimination against muslim women. Rwanda is an amazing place for a holiday but because of this humiliation I would not recommend anyone visiting Rwanda because of their insulting behaviour at Kigali Airport. I have travelled a lot and I have never come across such rude behaviour. If Rwanda doesn't want muslim women to visit them, they should just say so rather than making us go through this humiliation.

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Lost laptop at airport in Kigali

Hi everyone,

I am looking for the contact information of the airport in Kigali. I found old numbers that do not work. I mysteriously lost my laptop during second check in point yesterday June 20 around 8:25 or 8:30 am. I flew on Kenya airways flight 448 to Bujumbura and last saw my laptop during security checking. My email is Thanks for kind help

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Lost Laptop

I lost my laptop at the checking desk on Tuesday 30 December 2014 on flight no. WB 404 from Kigali to Nairobi. Depart: 18:40. My contact: Please help.

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Lost luggage

I need a record of my luggage that was delayed for three days when we arrived at Kigali Aiport. Can someone provide this information. Details are:

Names - Sharon Wheale and George Maslany

Flight TK 0606 from Istanbul to Kigali on February 4, 2013, 18:40. The luggage was to arrive on Feb. 5 at 1:30 am with us, but did not arrive until Feb. 7.

My email address is

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re: New lounge at Kigali Airport

@anonymousflyer-I've tried the lounge there too and its excellent! I think it was called Pearl Lounge. Internet was fast, food was tasty, staff were friendly, seats were comfortable and whats great is that they allow walk-in passengers (I was flying economy).

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New lounge at Kigali Airport

There is a new business class lounge at the airport which opened in August 2011 with free food, drinks and Internet access. Any passenger can use it for USD25 it is a welcome relief for anyone in the packed boarding gate sitting on the floor because there are not enough seats. They have a great bar for a cold beer before you get on board your flight.

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airport conditions

The airport is very simple to navigate's and customs staff are polite...departures area has a small lounge with tv...sound is a bit loud, but not really an issue...there is a small shop to purchase duty free...bathroom facilities are available and have always been clean and generally functioning...upon arrivals, fill out the 'entry' card...have 60 U.S. available to pay for your visa...that's if you are arriving from a country that requires a visa for entry into arrivals and departures have all been on time or within 15 min of scheduled timings...even the one before Christmas 2010 from Amsterdam....there is a small vip lounge...basically, from my experiences to date, it's a decent facility...just be patient and relax...

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re: Air condition system

Considering that most of the people in Rwanda don't have air conditioning, I'm pretty sure you need to get over yourself and stop being such a spoiled brat.

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re: Website

I haven't had any luck yet finding an official web site for this airport. There's a bit of information (not much) in the Wikipedia article, if you follow the links.

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How about updating the website so that people can learn about ammenities etc..

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Air condition system

The Air-conditioning system is pathetic,some thing must be done about it.

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