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Watsonville Municipal Airport
Watsonville, California, United States


Soloed in 1963. Flew the company 310 and 340 in the 70s. Acquired my own Cessna 310R (N5474J) in 2006. Needed more speed - traded up to a Cessna 425 Conquest I (N577PA). I used to be a boater and visited over 600 seaports over a 17 year period. I wonder how high I can push my airport count. Upgraded from the Conquest to a Citation 525 (N525LH) in 2018 - dumped the jet (and my required co-pilot) for a TBM 850 in 2020 (N850VF). Had to spring for Auto throttle and Autoland in 2022 by upgrading to a TBM 940 (N940ZZ). Airport count is up to 410 - only about 190 to go to tie my seaport record.

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Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Kenai, United States

Santorini Island, Greece

Santiago, Chile

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