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Good prediction Tony

I flew in for the first time today. I should have read the comments first, as I came in high an plopped it just like Tony predicted. I'll be back there later this year & will do better on the landing. I've heard that they will be adding a North/South runway this year for the G20 Summit at Deerhurst.


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Great Airport

My plane is hangared here :) !

C-FAKQ a 1976 Cessna Cardinal RG

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No. 6 RCAF Dunnville Museum

A great little gem of a museum. This airport has a great community around it that has brought a BCATP airfield back to life. Well worth a visit.

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Nice airport. Got weathered in here while on a trip to the West. Self serve pumps work well. Eat at Marino's just down the road.

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Butter tarts

Butter tarts yes. Also - there are go carts next to the field. It's a back track runway - though so don't be too tight on the plane in front of you.

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Bushplane Museum

I flew into Sault Ste. Marie in late June. It's a nice airport. Car rental was only $35 for a day - which is cheaper than the cab or limo. If you go there be sure to visit the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Museum It's a must see for aviation enthusiasts. Lunch at Muio's Restaurant - 685 Queen St E can't go wrong.