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Excellent Place to Go

One of my all-time favorite airports, and often the first place my wife wants to go. Friendly people, including the guy who sells biplane rides and has a mini museum in his hangar; plus the folks who do the sky-diving. A wide variety of planes fly in here, so there are usually some interesting birds to look at. Also feathered type birds at the great park and pond across the street from the airport. The city bus stops there if you'd like a ride into Pismo Beach where there are lots of tourist attractions. But a couple of blocks stroll in either direction on that street will take you to restaurants and other interesting things to see & do. As you can tell, there are big sand dunes next to the airport. Vehicles are allowed on the beach, yet there are plenty of quiet places for sand and surf. One word of caution: watch out for fog and low clouds that can come in fairly quickly, but if you stay aware there's generally plenty of time to get airborne before weather changes.

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Great gateway for Jasper & Prince George

Have stopped here several times. Usually deserted, but once met the friendly guy who does charter flights over Jasper and Mt. Robson. Nice place for a stretch and rest coming or going between Rockies and prairies.

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Great Airport

Good fuel prices, walk to Santa Ynez, and if you want to wait there's a number to call for a free ride to the Chumash native casino (big white building complex at an angle off the West end of the runway).