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Hometown airport

I grew up five miles from this airport and always fly into PTK when returning home for a visit. Lots of FBOs on the field mean that fuel prices are competitive.

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Well worth the visit

Imagine stepping from your airplane to a horse-drawn taxi into town. Aircraft are the only motorized vehicles allowed on the island (with a few minor exceptions). Fly the pattern offshore to minimize your noise footprint. The wind is almost always variable and/or gusty here, stay alert. The island is a state park and there is a parking fee. Though parts of the island are rather touristy, the fort is worth the tour for history buffs (site of the first land battle in the War of 1812).

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Great destination, unusual setting

Located on an island just east of downtown Knoxville (as the name implies), DKX is always a pleasure to visit. It is an active field - there is almost always some air traffic in the pattern. Self service fuel is quite inexpensive. Overnight fee for one night waived with fuel purchase. It is always a treat to visit this airport. We've been there several times since 2008.

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Home Base

I have been based at KSDC since 2013. This is an unusual facility in that it is owned and operated by the Williamson Flying Club. The club takes excellent care of the field. There's an AWOS, though its readings can be deceiving because the winds are often blocked by trees around the airport. BAC Services provides excellent maintenance on the field.

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The Nest

I learned to fly here from 2001 - 2002, so Three Rivers will always be home for me. John Conrad provides trustworthy maintenance at Conrad Aero. The last time I visited, the field condition here was not what I remembered. There were a lot of cracks in the runways with weeds growing up through.

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Great lunch destination

Wonderful, well-groomed turf runway for tail- and nose-draggers alike! The Red Mill restaurant cooks up wonderful meals in a rustic setting. The restaurant is seasonal - May - Oct. Very much worth the stop!