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Very friendly airport !

No head hack at all.

You can rent bycle at the airport or scooter (the best):

Our fees for 24 hours:

Cessna 310

2-3T: 12.20€

Parking: 13.20€


Summer time, parking is often full.

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St Florentin

large runway.

nothing special, easy place to go in & out.

Glider & Skydiving activity.

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Madrid fees

Been to LECU (or LECV in order to get METAR/TAF) and here the landing fees for this airport:

Passengers: 1x 2.62€ + 21% VAT

Weather (we never get it): 0.41€ + 21% VAT

Airport security: 3.78€ + 21% VAT

Landing fee: 6.60€ + 21% VAT

Parking fees (3 days): 60€ + 21% VAT

Use of infrastructure (!): 0.61€ + 21% VAT

Service air traffic airport (?): 4.86€ + 21% VAT

Done the 29th of March 2104

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After reading very very bad comments concerning this airport (one the worse one in Spain !), I was surprise by this airport.

As everywhere in Spain, need a handling agent.

We choose Execujet.

Here the cost for a Cessna 310i (2,3T MTOW):

- Handling: 83.43€ + 21% VAT

- Communication (?):21€ + 21% VAT

- Landing fees: 81.86€ no VAT

- Airport taxes on weight (?): 14.60€ + 21% VAT

- Distursement fee: 9.65€ + 21% VAT

- FBO facilities: 34€ + 21% VAT

Done on the 21st March 2014

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spell "fanyagor"

Twin Otter love this place ... the road is better than the airstrip ...

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FAR from town ... 25 minutes, and need a 4x4.

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in town !

went their, full of people on the runway ... nice typical African bush airstrip !

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fuel stop

Good fuel stop, quick and easy.

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Go at Boom Boom resort, it's just the best place to overnight, a paradise on Earth !

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re: re: Responses from ARO/AIS OFICE

If you want to spend a lot of $$$$ got in Mauritania.

You love troubles: go in Mauritania !

... don't worry, all the country is like that ... bandits !

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The worse workshop I ever seen, either African workshop are better !

Bad quality and dangerous.

Either, airport is very nice, nice restaurant.

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Great service, easy in & out

Here our expenses for 3 days in Barcelone, with a Cessna 310 (2,3T):


No need if you are parked South of the airport.

Either, 10€ for the car to bring you from your aircraft to the "terminal".

To go to town: 45€ taxi (to down town Barcelone)

28€ if the handling company brings you (if they are available).

Print your flight logs/weather: 8€

Airport fees:

Use of infrastructure (sic !): 2,62€

Landing fees: 6,88€

Air Traffic of Airport (?): 5,07€

Parking fees: 100€ (3x days)

use of infrastuctures PRM assistance (?): 0,61€

Weather services (never use it !): 0,43€

Airport security: 3,78€

EASY place to go in & out, I'll goo again :)

March 2014

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For me ... The best welcome you can find in France !

Go in Niort, they'll do everything for you !

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Le Touquet

Very nice welcome, easy and helpfull, a place to land :)

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Custom at arrival, lot of headhack ... WELCOME !

Very, very bad souvenirs due to the Custom's welcome.

Either, bar/restaurant/shop: EXCELLENT ambiance, nice & friendly people.

Still, I'll avoid Cherbourg due to custom.